Report Builder: Report Filters (Operators)

What Are Report Filters?

Report Filters (or Operators) are used in the Report Builder to further specify report results.   Filters can be applied to any field that you have included in your report, the type of filter you can apply will vary depending on the type of data you are trying to filter.

Operator Meaning
= (Equals) Equal to.
> (Greater Than) Greater than.
< (Less Than) Less than.
>= ( Greater Than or Equal To) Greater than or equal to.
<= (Less Than or Equal To) Less than or equal to.
IN Not equal to.
LIKE The Operand is equal to one of a list of expressions.
NOT Reverses the value of Boolean operators (IN or LIKE)


Matching Filters to Different Kinds of Data

As mentioned above, the filters available will vary based on type of data. Below is a brief summary of the kinds of data available in eWinery.

Numerical Data:
This type of data will be product prices, taxes, shipping costs, subtotal or total info, as well as any dates included in the database.
Operators: Equals, Greater Than/Less Than and any versions there of.
Filter: Will always be a number or date.

Yes/No or True/False Data:
This is any data where the label of the data ends in a question mark, such as ‘IsWill Call?’, and the data collected is either a positive (yes/true) or negative (no/false).
Operators: Equals or Not Equal To.
Filter: Will be either Yes / No - OR – True / False

Text Data:
All remaining data is considered ‘text data’ and can be alphanumeric. These are going to be things like Name, Address, Club Level, Member Type, etc.
Operators: Equals, Not Equal To, IN, LIKE or NOT.
Filters: These are always going to be text and must be typed in to match EXACTLY what you are looking for with your filter.

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