Order Status Definitions

What is Order Status?

Order Status indicates where the order is all along the path to completion.  When you search orders in the store section the default in the search criteria will always be orders with a "Completed" order status from the past two days.

Completed Statues   (payment HAS been collected)

  • Completed Order
  • Hold Order
  • Authorized Order

Open Order Statuses   (no payment collected)

  • Pending Order
  • Pending Club Order
  • Pending Allocation
  • Saved Order
  • Quarantined Order
  • Accepted Order
  • Canceled Order
  • Incomplete Order


Note:  All of the statuses will be options in the drop-down menu. There may be times where certain statuses will not pertain to your software.


 Order Status Definitions

Completed Order:

The customer's information has been captured and an order confirmation has been sent. If you have a merchant account setup, the customer‘s credit card has been charged. If applicable, the notification to the fulfillment house has been sent.

Hold Order:

An order that an admin has placed on hold to ship at a later date.  The customer is charged at the time of purchase, but the inventory is depleted and sent to the shipper on the future ship date specified.

 Authorized Order:

An Authorized order is the state of an MobilePOS order when initial payment has been authorized by the payment gateway, but the order did not continue to a completed status. This can happen when a consumer inadvertently exits the application during the tip screen.


Note: Manual action needs to be taken when these transactions happen.


For help on what to do, please refer to the Authorized Order Management page.

Pending Order:

The customer tried to process the order, but there was a problem with the credit card.  You should receive an e-mail with the specific error returned back from your payment gateway (, PayPros, MerchantWare, WestPack, etc.).

Pending Club Order:

Orders created using the Club Batch utility will have an initial status of Pending Club. Once you attempt to process those orders, the order status will then be set to either Completed Order -or- Pending Order. (Detailed descriptions of those two order statuses are included in this list).

Pending Allocation:

This is an allocation order that has not yet been processed. This is for allocations that are set to collect payment at the time of shipping.

Saved Order:

An order that was created in the OMS and then set to a saved status using OMS Save and Recall. This will keep the order available to recall at anytime to adjust and complete when you or the customer is ready. The orders hold the last information supplied before saving and all inventory that is set to be sold in the order. These orders have not been completed.

Quarantined Order:

Quarantined orders have failed one or more of the ShipCompliant compliance checks. You must have an integration with ShipCompliant in order to receive orders with this status.

Accepted Order:

An order with status of Accepted is an order that has been created with all information required to proceed with billing the order, but has not yet been processed through the payment gateway. You will need to review and manually process them to Completed status. The Accepted option is useful in instances where you perhaps want someone on staff to manually enter orders, but you want someone else to do a final review before processing the credit card charge.

Canceled Order:

An order can only be canceled if the status is manually changed in the Admin Panel.  Cancelling an order only completes that action within eWinery, it does not transfer to the payment gateway, ShipCompliant or your fulfillment house.  It is best practice to only cancel orders in an open order status (listed below), completed statuses require either a refund/return or void to be handled correctly.  Cancelling an order that is in a completed status will cause issue with payment reconciliation and fulfillment.

Incomplete Order:

This status signals an abandoned shopping cart. Depending on the step in the checkout process that the cart was abandoned you will either see a blank order or the customer’s first name and phone number. No action is required for Incomplete orders.




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