Order Types Definitions

What are Order Types?

Order Types indicate where the order was created; you may also refer to Order Types as "sales channel".  Depending on what modules of eWinery and integrated partners you are using you may not see all of these order types associated to orders in your Admin Panel even though the drop down in the order search shows all options.

Default Order Types  (every Admin Panel uses these)

  • Admin
  • Store
  • Refund
  • Void

Module Dependent Order Types  (depends on your admin settings)

  • Club
  • Allocation
  • POS
  • Mobile
  • Facebook
  • Telesales
  • MobilePOS
  • SC Marketplace


 Order Type Definitions

Admin Order: This order was created by a winery employee in the OMS (Order Management System) in the eWinery Admin Panel.

Store Order: This order was created on your winery website by a customer.

Refund Order: This order is represents a refund/return placed against another order in the eWinery system.  Refund Orders will always be negative and cannot be edited or voided.  Refund orders do no impact order status in ShipCompliant or at your fulfillment house.

Void Order: This order was created and then reversed within the same day.  Voids will return products to inventory in eWS, void the committed order in ShipCompliant and void the pending credit card charge in the payment gateway.  Once the charge for the order has posted in the payment gateway the option to void is no longer available (credit card payments only).

Club Order: This order was created using the eWinery Wine Club Processing module and is a part of a specific wine club batch (shipment).

Allocation Order: This order was created based on an allocation created in the Allocations Module.  Orders in this type can be created via the website (customer) or in the OMS (winery employee).

POS: This order was created in the tasting room using Napa Valley POS.

Mobile: This order was placed on the mobile version of the winery website from a mobile device (iPhone, Android, tablets, etc.).  If you do not have a mobile version of your webstore, these orders will come in under the "Store" order type listed above.

Facebook: This order was placed on the Facebook version of your webstore.

Telesales:  This order was created by an outside telemarketing service and imported to eWinery via webservice. 

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