User Management: User Roles

What are User Roles?

User Roles define the type of access any given user or set of users has within  vinSuite. For example, your Wine Club Manager may have access to everything in VinSuite, where your Wine Club Assistant may only have access to Members and Orders. The setup for each role in your admin panel is customized to your specifications and you may have as many different roles as you would like.


Creating a New Role

  1. In vinSuite, click the orange “Settings” button in the top right of your screen. From the dropdown that appears, choose “User Management”.

  2. In the user Management Screen, Go to “Roles” in the submenu.

    This submenu will either be presented as tabs in the left hand side of the workspace or as an option in a drop down menu indicated by a grey box with a down arrow depending on the size of your screen. 

  1. View your list of existing Roles.
    ‘Account Owner’ is the master user for your vinSuite account and ‘Users (default)’ is the default permission setting for any users moved over from your old eWinery Admin Panel. Neither of these roles can be edited or deleted.

    Add additional roles by clicking the purple ‘Add Role’ button in the upper left of the work area.

  1. In the ‘Add Role’ screen, begin by giving your new role a name. Then using the toggle switches provided select the permissions you wish users assigned that role to have. 

    Within this screen, the different types of permissions are split into sections;
    • Admin Panel Access: defines the sections of the vinSuite Admin Panel that users with this Role will have access to.
    • Order Permissions: defines what actions a user can perform in Orders.
    • User Management: defines whether or not users with this Role can create new sales associates and/or admin users.
    • Member Permissions: defines the actions a user can perform in the Members section.
  1. Once you have completed setting the Role Permissions, click the purple ‘Save’ key in the upper left of the work space.

    After you have established the Roles you plan to offer, you may start creating new Admin Users.

You may add additional Roles or edit/delete existing Roles at any time by returning to this table and clicking to edit an existing Role.



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