User Management: Add New Admin Users in vinSUITE

Adding New Admin Users in vinSUITE

Note: Only the Account Owner or Users with 'User Management' permissions may add or edit Users.

1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, click the orange “Settings” button in the top right of your screen. From the drop-down that appears, choose “User Management”.


2) User Management will default to the ‘Admin Users’ search screen. To add a new Admin User, click ‘Add Admin User’ in the top left of the work space.


3) Complete all the fields to create an Admin User.



Enter the new user's first and last name in the appropriate fields.


Enter the new user's email address.

Note: Verify this is a valid email address that the user can access because it will be used to reset their password.


Enter the new user's account name.

Note: The admin user will sign in to the eWinery or vinSUITE admin panel with this username.


Enter the new user's password.

Note: The admin user will use this password to sign in to the eWinery or vinSUITE admin panel.


Select a new ROLE to assign to the the user, which will define this user’s permissions within the vinSUITE Admin Panel.

 To learn more about setting up Roles, please visit the User Roles page.

Active status

Verify that the user's active status is set to "YES" so they can sign in to their account.


4) Click ‘Save’ in the bottom right of the work space.

5) To view a list of the existing users, use the ‘Search’ button. Once the user search results are displayed, you may choose to edit any of them by clicking the Edit icon Pencil.png in the actions column to the right.




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