Adding a New Member Record in vinSuite

  1. In vinSuite, expand the ‘Members’ section of the left hand navigation then choose ‘Members’ to access your member database. This will default the Member search screen into the workspace.

  2. Click “Add Member” to start a new member record.

    Note that this button may present differently depending on the size of your screen or browser window. In larger displays you will see the ‘Add Member’ button, smaller displays there will be an “Actions” menu you will need to click on them choose the option to “Add Member”.

  1. Enter the customer’s name and email address (must be unique) in the first screen. Use the toggle at the bottom of the screen to trigger the Password reset email for new members upon save. Click SAVE.

  2. Enter any additional information about the member on the tabs listed to the left; shipping addresses, member types, credit card info, Club Memberships etc. Be sure to click SAVE at the bottom right of each section to save your changes.

    *NOTE: The tabs for the Member Record will show as a grey box with a drop down arrow when the screen is adjusted to a smaller size.


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