Member Record: Member Types

What are Member Types?

Member Types represent segments or groups that organize particular members within your database. A member can be in multiple different Member Types. Member Types can then be tied to different discount levels, access to certain parts of your website or used for marketing functions.

Some Member Types are required in vinSUITE and are automatically updated when certain actions are taken:

Club Members:
Members who have an active wine club membership.

Members who have made a purchase that was processed through the vinSUITE admin panel. 

Note: Imported members with Order History will also be marked as purchasers.

Members who have chosen to "opt-in" to receiving emails and other marketing communications from your winery. 
Members who have previously received communications from the winery and no longer wish to receive them.


Other Custom Member Types can be added via the Member Types section. 


Create a Member Type

1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, expand the ‘Members’ section in the left hand navigation panel, and then select ‘Members’.



2) The Member Types page will open in the work space. Click the '+ Add Member Type' button.



3) Complete the Member Type and Copy From List fields.  



A.png  Member Type 

Enter the name for the Member Type

Example: Expiring Credit Cards, $500 + Buyers, etc. 

B.png  Copy From List 

The Copy From List drop-down menu allows you to select a list with similar attributes and associate those qualities with a Member Type.

Note: Associating a list with a Member Type can update and correct information in vinSUITE that can provide more accurate statistics and data.  

Example: Once you create a list that includes only Club Members, associating that list with the 'Club Members' Member Type may update and correct settings in vinSUITE. 

It is recommended that users contact the vinSUITE Support with any questions about lists and Member Types.  


4) Click the 'Save Changes' button to save the custom Member Type. 



Add a Member to a Member Type 

1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, expand the ‘Members’ section in the left hand navigation panel, and then select ‘Members’.



2) The Members page will open in the work space. Search for a specific member and click the 'Search' button.



3) Once you select a specific member, click the Edit icon Pencil.png 



4) Click the 'Member Types' tab. Member Types may be turned on or off using the toggles provided.


A.png  System Types 

The System Types are four member types (Club Members, Purchasers, Subscribers, Unsubscribers) that are required and automatically updated by the vinSUITE system. 

Note: Because these toggles are automatically maintained, you do not need to switch or alter them very often. 

B.png  Custom Types

The Custom Types are added by the user in the Member Types section and are customizable. 

Note: These toggles are not automatically updated the vinSUITE system, so they require manual updates. The user should check these frequently. 


Note: The System Types are required in vinSUITE and cannot be deleted. Custom Types can be added and deleted.  


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