Member Record: Club Info

The ‘Club Info’ Tab of the member record holds all of the Club Membership information for that member. The Club Memberships list on this tab will show every Club Membership this member has had, regardless of whether or not that membership is currently active.

Adding a New Membership

  1. Open the Member Record in vinSuite and go to the ‘Club Info’ tab.

  2. In the ‘Add New Club Membership’ section toward the bottom of the page, enter the new membership information by filling out the form provided.
  • Address info may be pulled from the Address Book or typed in.
  • Shipping Type should be default unless the customer indicates a specific desire for shipping (Will Call, UPS only, etc.)
  • Use the Sale Associate field to track who signed the customer up for this club level.
  • ‘Activate Membership On’ date indicates that date that the customer actually signed up for the club and can be back dated if needed.

  1. Click ‘Save Changes’ to add membership.
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