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Quick Discounting is a permission based feature within the ‘Sales Associates’ section of the Admin Panel. Quick Discounts are pre-defined percentage discounts that can be applied “on the fly” to orders processed in tPOS. There is no need to set these discounts up in the Discounts section of eWinery, they are defaulted in the system for you. Discounts amount options range from 5% up to 30% in increments of five. This permission is defaulted to “NO” and must be set to “YES” before a Sales Associate can begin to use the quick discount feature in tPOS. See the section below on adjusting this setting before attempting to use line item discounts.

*Adding this feature may require refreshing your tPOS session to see the change. Refreshing your session is easy, simply logout of tPOS and close the application to close your current session. Reopen and login again to restart.


Enable Quick Discounts by Sales Associate

  1. In the eWinery Admin Panel, go to Store then hover over the ‘Orders’ item in the sub menu to show the option for ‘Sales Associates’. Click to view the Sales Associates Table.

  2. Use the search criteria on the left of your screen to find the Sales Associate you would like to edit. Click the green pencil in line with the Sales Associate to edit the record.

    • To view the entire list of Sales Associates, leave the search criteria blank and just click ‘Search’.
    • Add a new Sales Associate by clicking the ‘Add Sales Associate’ Option in the top left.

  3. Once you have the Sales Associate record open, make you adjustments the permissions section using the toggles provided. For line item discounting, you want the toggle for “Can Use Apply Discounts” to be set to Yes.

  4. Click SAVE. This Sales Associate can now use Quick Discounts in tPOS.



Adding a Quick Discount to a tPOS Order

  1. Login to tPOS using your Sales Associate PIN number and begin an order. When you are done entering items, click the arrow in the bottom right to proceed to the summary screen

  2. In the summary screen, use the ‘Discounts’ option to access Quick Discounts.

    Use the Quick Discounts section of the Discount screen to choose your discount amount. Discounts are available from 5% up to 30% in increments of five.

    Discounted line item prices and discount total will show in the Order Summary.

Adding Custom Percentage Discounts

  1. Alternatively, if you want to apply a custom percentage discount across all line items, you can click the Discounts button at the bottom of the summary screen.

  2. Here you will see a box where you can type in a number between 1 and 100.

  3. Confirm the entry by clicking the arrow to apply the discount and you will see the order be re-calculated.



  1. Complete that order as usual.
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