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Firefox & Form Entries

As you know, WineWeb requires that you use Firefox as the browser for your POS.  When using a web based POS you need to adjust your browser settings for form entries (swiping a credit card for payment for example).  By default, Firefox will remember what you've entered into form fields and you will need to turn off the 'auto form fill feature'. 

If your 'auto form fill feature' is on, random data will show up in the form fields in your payment interface when you swipe a credit card for payment. The end result will be placing orders where the data is crossed. Please follow to step by step instructions below to customize your form settings in Firefox.  If you do not follow these instructions you will have issues when swiping credit cards for 'card present' transactions, and potentially running the wrong card for a card present transaction.


Step #1:   Open up your POS browser, Firefox and click the menu button and choose ‘Options’

Step #2:  Select the Privacy panel.

Step #3:   In the drop-down menu next to ‘Firefox will:’ choose ‘Use custom settings for history’.

Step #5:   Remove the check mark next to Remember search and form history.


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