Products: Adding A New Product


Best Practice: If you are using either ShipCompliant and/or vinSUITE Desktop POS, confirm that the product has been setup in those platforms before placing any orders. This will ensure that the product can flow smoothly from the POS to vinSUITE and from vinSUITE to ShipCompliant.


1) In vinSUITE, expand the “Products” section of the left hand navigation, then choose “Products” from the submenu. This will open the Products tab where you can search for existing products or add a new one.


2) From the Products search screen, click the ‘Add A Product’ command button


3) Select a product type from the drop-down menu and click save.

First Party Wine: a wine product that you supply (bottles and cases)

First Party Product: a non-wine product that you supply (unit type is user defined)

Collateral: an extra item that accompanies a product or is added to club batches that does not add money or weight to the order (brochures, postcards, etc.)

Kit: a single SKU that includes multiple items to be sold as a package

Your next steps will vary depending on the product type selected. Click on the links below for further instructions.

First Party Wines

First Party Products




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