Wine Clubs: Club Batch Processing Overview

Club Batch Processing

Wine Club Batch Processing is the tool you will use to create and process orders for wine club shipments.  The key to successful wine club batch processing is preparation. 

Best Practice Tip: Before running your club batch you want to be sure that all the individual pieces for the club batch are set up properly. Review our pre-flight checklist to be sure you are ready to begin your club batch.

All wine club batches have 5 basic steps:

  1. Create Batch: Create a club batch.
  2. Create Order Template: Create an order template & apply any discounts.
  3. Create Orders: Create orders for the wine club members.
  4. Manage Orders: Customize club member orders and process orders by charging the club members primary credit card.
  5. Finalize Batch: Perform follow-up tasks.

Accessing The Wine Club Batch utility.

1. In vinSUITE, expand the “clubs” section of the left hand navigation, and then choose “Process Clubs” from the sub-menu. This will open the Clubs utility where you can administer club batches.

2. Below are descriptions of the basic components shown on the default screen

New Batch This option allows you to create a new club batch.
Search This option provides you with tools to search through your wine club batches. Search options include searching by Club Batch Name, Club Levels, Ship Date Range, and Status.
Club Batch Actions This option provides you with the ability to process multiple wine club batches simultaneously. Process options include the ability to create orders for specified club batches as well as payment processing through your payment gateway.
Club Batches The lower half of the screen provides you with a display of the Wine Club Batches returned form the search utility. From here you will be able to edit Club Batches to continue working on them.

Best Practice Tip: One of the options shown in the 'Actions' column is to delete a Wine Club Batch. We recommend using this option only when a club batch has no orders attached to it, regardless of the order status. Deleting a club batch that has orders attached to that batch can cause orders to be placed in an 'orphaned' state that can potentially cause problems.

 Select one of the following options to continue with the Wine Club Batch utility:

  1. Create Batch
  2. Create Order Template
  3. Create Orders
  4. Manage Orders
  5. Finalize Batch


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