Club Order Pickup Process

This documentation will provide a step-by-step guide for using your vinSUITE TabletPOS system to complete the pick-up process for your customers. 

Selecting your club member

  1. On the Order Setup screen, Tap/Click 'Guest':
  2. Tap Search Member:

  3. Enter the criteria to find your club member, and select them into the sale:

Finding the members pick-up order:

  1. Tap/Click the Cashier Options button (Gear Icon):

  2. Select the Pickup Order option:

  3. Select the Add note and pickup arrow on the appropriate order:

  4. Enter the name of the individual picking up the order, and select the check mark:

  5. You can print a Winery and/or Customer receipt, and select Done:

Congratulations! You have successfully picked up your Club Members order. When an order is picked up this way, you will see the following updates to the order in your Admin Panel on the summary of the order:

The order will be marked 'Picked Up'

The notes will reflect who picked up the order and which cashier completed this process:

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