[RealtimeCompliance]: If an order is Manually Bypassed using 'Accept Order Checkout Now'

1.  Open NVPOS Product Control

2.  Log in

3.  Select RealTime Compliance and Run Application

4.  On the bottom left you’ll see “search criteria” for the “purchase date range” 

(Change this to the date of the order in question so it minimizes the order pull).

5.  Hit the green 'Search' button

6.  Once you hit the 'Search' button, it brings you to the second tab “Shipping Orders”

7.  Here you will see the orders from the date range selected

8.  Find the order in question and you will see the compliance error in the field “No Sales Order Found” 

9.  Uncheck all orders 

10.  Only check the order in question and "Check Compliance" to review the Compliance Response

 Note: There will not always be a compliance error - Look for orders where the "manually bypassed" checkbox is checked and "Sent to fulfillment" is not checked (The "Sent fo Fulfillment" checkbox indicates the order is in ShipCompliant)

11.  Review error and fix accordingly

Example:  If Compliance response is "Invalid Address" - Select the order and right click on your mouse for the drop down menu

                Select “Edit Shipping” to correct the shipping address

                Once the address is fixed, hit "Save and Close"

Note: If you need to force the non-compliant order into ship compliant, then you can highlight the order, right-click it, and select "Force non-compliant order" to be sent.


12.  Now make sure only the order you fixed is checked and hit the green button “Check Compliance Send To  Fulfillment”.

(If multiple orders then: Uncheck all orders and then only check the ones where "Manually Bypassed" is checked and "Sent to Fulfillment" is not - Then review the compliance errors and fix accordingly) 

13.  Check to make sure the order pushed through ok

14.  If additional orders need to be corrected repeat steps 8 to 11

15.  Close Real Time Compliance and Product Control



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