Creating POS Task Pads

Getting Started

  1. Open Store Operations Manager and Log in

  2. Go to Database > Registers > POS Task Pads

  3. Select New and give your Task Pad a name

  4. Select a layout from the Layout menu :: This will determine the size and quantity of buttons

  5. To change a button, select the one you would like to update from the Preview area of the menu
    *The button should light up with a bright green color to indicate it has been selected

Selecting your Button type

Use the following table to determine your desired Button type:

Category This button will display all items in the Category you select from the Name or ID field.
Custom POS Button This button can be used to create a button for our ProductControl product. ie: CustomerCentral, AdvancedDiscount, RealtimeCompliance (Shipping), and TotalRecall
Item This button will add the Item selected to the transactions
Items by...(Cat, Dept, or Supplier) This button will display a list of your Departments/Categories/Suppliers, selecting one from the list will display the items belonging to that group
Department This button will display all items in the Department you select from the Name or ID field.
Supplier This button will display all items in from the Supplier selected in the Name or ID field.
Task This button allow you to add cashier functions to the task pad. IE: Open/Close, Recall, Secure, and Tender. Using the task pad removes the function section from your transaction screen, so it is important to add all tasks that your cashier will need to use.
Task Pad

This will allow you to link your task pads together. A great way to use this button will be to chain your task pads together. For example, use this button type on Taskpad1 to grant the cashier access to Taskpad2. It is, also, a good idea to do the reverse, as well; create a Task Pad button to go from TaskPad2 back to TaskPad1. This method will allow your cashiers to easily navigate your Task Pad menu structure.

Below you will find a simple example of a completed POS Task Pad, with the Button type labeled on each button:

Creating a button from start to finish
In this example, we will create an Item button for a Tasting Fee.

  1. Select your desired Button type:
    *In this case, we are selecting the Item Button type

  2. Select the Name or ID:
    *This allows us to set the Item button to use the Tasting Fee SKU

  3. Select the Button color:

  4. Select your desired caption:
    *This option allows you to set the label of the button to be the ItemLookupCode, Description, or your own custom text.

  5. Select your desired font:

  6. Select your desired font color:

  7. Repeat steps 1 - 6 until your Taskpad is complete.
    *Experiment with different Button types to get functionality that makes sense to your team

Adding the POS Task Pad to your Register configuration
Use the following process to update your Register configuration with the Task Pad that you just created in the previous section

  1. Go to Database > Registers > Register List

  2. Select the Register you would like to assign your new Task Pad to:

  3. In the POS taskpad drop-down menu, select the Task Pad you created, and click OK:

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for any additional registers you would like to use your new Task Pad with


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