Saving and Recalling an Order

In this example, we will be saving an order under an existing members name, and, then, recalling the order to add a few more items.

To start this process, please log into your tPOS application.

Adding items and a customer to your sale

  1. Add the items to your sale by tapping on the desired items:

  2. OPTIONAL: Add a customer to your sale
    *Note: You can save an order without a customer selected. The system will prompt you to enter an Order name upon selecting to save the order.

                       - Tap the   button

                       - Tap the  button

                       - Search and select your desired member


Saving the order

  1. Select the Cashier Menu Button:

  2. Select the Save Order Button:

Recalling the order

  1. Select the Cashier Menu button:

  2. Select the Recall Order button:

  3. You can identify the order by the Order Name, Subtotal, and Created By fields, and Select it:

This will bring the previously saved order back into the system and allow you to finish the order, or update the order and save the order again.

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