tPOS iPad Printer Setup Guide

This is a step by step guide for configuration of the

Star TSP-143LAN Printer for tPOS on the iPad**

**Before attempting setup, please ensure the iPad and the Printer are connected to the same wireless network**

1.  Log on to the tPOS Application

2.  Select The Sales Associate's Name to open the Option Menu (See Below)


3.  Select the Printer Setup Button


4.  Ensure your Printer Type is set to Star TSP100

5.  Select Discover Available Printers



6.  When the Printer IP Address appears, select the address by touching the Purple Box


7.  After selecting the IP Address, press the Save Printer Settings button



8.  Press the Check Printer Status to ensure the configuration is correct



9.  Log out and log back into the tPOS software and perform a test transaction


Congratulations!  You have successfully connected your Star Printer to the tPOS application.


NOTE:  If you are using the Wireless Star Printer you will need to sync the printer with your router using the WPS button on your router.  If your router does not have a WPS button, please use the attached .pdf to connect the wireless printer to your network:

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