[AdvancedDiscount]: Installation and Configuration

This article will cover the steps to install AdvancedDiscount, as well as the creation of a new discount and it's use in DesktopPOS.

Estimated time for completion: 45 minutes

1.  Run ProductControl as Administrator and log in
(Hold Shift + Right click your mouse over the icon) 

2. Click on the  button
3. Click the green Install button to the right on the Advanced Discount line

4. Follow the installation wizard to complete the install (Next->Next->Close)

5. Click the  button to bring the product up to date
6. Rick click on AdvancedDiscount --> Register Product --> and click Register

7. Click the  button to update AdvancedDiscount to current
8. Right click on AdvancedDiscount, go to RMS Hooks, click Activate  

(A short script will run in the command prompt - Do Not Exit Out of the Script)

Congratulations!  You have successfully installed AdvancedDiscount.


Adding a New Discount

1.  Click the  button to launch AdvancedDiscount
2.  At the AdvancedDiscount Setup screen, click the 'New' button


3.  Fill in the required fields to set up your new AdvancedDiscount

We will discuss each section below




1. Name:  This is the name of your discount

2. Active:  Whether or not this discount is currently available for use

3. Automatic:  Is this discount automatically applied, or is it user selected?

4. Start/End Date:  The time period for this particular discount

Button Details


**This section is used to configure the manual user applied discounts**

1. Minimum Cashier Security: Security Level required to apply discount

2. Button Color:  Customize the color of the button

3. Display Order:  Here you can change the order of your manual discounts

Information Prompts


1. Prompt For information: If selected, the text in the Prompt Text (2) section will be displayed on the POS screen

3. Pick From List*: If selected, the cashier must choose from a list of answers

4. List: Select the prompt list here

*For more information about this, please see section 5 below regarding the List feature.

Automatic Member Discounts


1. Priority:  Choose which discounts are given priority.  The lower the number, the higher the priority

2. Customer Type: Choose which customers this discount applies to

3. Type Name:  If using "Club Level" or "Member Type", enter the Club or Member name here*

* The Club or Member name must match EXACTLY for the discount to be applied

Price Level / Prompt for Discount


1. Price Level:  If the discount applies to a particular RMS discount, enter the Price Level here

2. Prompt for Percent/Amount:  AdvancedDiscount will prompt the cashier to input the percent or dollar discount amount

3. Max:  This is the maximum discount percent or amount allowed

Dept/Cat Configuration


Here you can set up each department (1) or category(3) and the discount that should be applied to said department (2) or category (4).  If the discount applies to all items, choose "ALL" under department.

***In the example above, the Wine Department will receive 20% off, while the Food will receive 10% off

Item Override


Add items here that receive special discounting.  Item discounts override department and category discounts.  Discounting 0% will make the item not eligible for discounts.

1. Enter the item to search for the item in the RMS database

2. Any item discount override for this discount will be listed here

Quantity Discount Configuration


1. Department: Select the department associated with the quantity discount*

2. Number of items A, B, C: Enter the quantity of items needed to reach the discount percent.  YOU MUST enter the highest number in A, followed by the second highest number in B, and the lowest quantity discount in C.

3. Discount Percent:  Once the quantity is met, the appropriate discount will be applied**

* The item must be part of a RMS mix/match quantity discount scheme in order for the AdvancedDiscount quantity discount to apply

**These discounts are applied ON TOP of the discount set in the Dept/Cat section

4.  Make sure to click SAVE to save your Discount Configuration

5. Did you create a list for customer information collection?  If so - You can manage them on the Lists Tab.

Congratulations!  Your discount setup is complete.  This discount will now be available for use on the DesktopPOS.


Using the Discount on DesktopPOS


1. To use the discount you made, add a customer to the transaction using CustomerCentral, add your items.

If the discount you created is an automatic discount, if the customer meets the appropriate criteria, the discount will be automatically applied.

2.  For a manual discount, click the AdvancedDiscount button on the right side of the POS screen

3. The discount window will appear, allowing you to click the desired discount to be applied to the transaction  

(Note: only one discount can be used per transaction)

4. If the selected discount has been setup with a prompt, you will be prompted here.  Choose the applicable option and press the Save and Close button 

5. You will be taken back to the transaction screen where you can see the discount applied successfully and can proceed with tendering out

 (once the discount is applied, the item line becomes bold and shows the name of the discount under the description and a lighting bolt next to the quantity)

Congratulations!  You have successfully used your new discount.



Reports in Store Operations Manager

1. Open Store Operations Manager

2.  Select Reports --> Custom --> AdvancedDiscountSales

Congratulations!  You have successfully ran a report on your newly used discount.


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