AirPrint - How to adjust font size on print job

If you are using Apple AirPrint to print receipts to a full-size printer then you may need to adjust the font size.  This document will show you how to do that.  


1. Open up iPad settings Icon.png

2. On the left side click on "General" - On the right side click on "Accessibility"


3. On the right side click on "Larger Text" and turn it 'On'


4. Now you will be in the "Larger Accessibility Sizes" - Here you can adjust the font size.  It will adjust the on-sceen size as well but not dramatically.  We have tested this on the second notch to the left, but you can fine tune to your desired size.


5. Test an order or a Pickup order to see the adjustments.


Congratulations!  You have just adjusted printing font sizes for AirPrint.





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