Resetting and Re-Registering your PCA Codes

If you attempt to open the Cash Register Express (CRE) software and see the following message, then you will need to reset and re-register your CRE software:



Resetting and re-registering CRE is very simple.

First, we must find our PCAmerica (PCA) codes.  These codes should have been provided to you*, and they are located on the main POS server machine.  The file path for your PCA codes is as follows:

C:\WineWare\PCA Codes




Next, we open the PCA Codes.txt file to view our codes




Now that we have our PCA code, we will need to call PCAmerica to have them "Reset" your code.  This will re-activate the code so you can use it again. To call PCAmerica, please follow these simple steps:

1.  Dial 1-800-342-5729

2.  When the support agent answers the phone, they will ask for you business name

3.  Tell PCAmerica that you need to reset your PCA code

4.  PCA will ask you for the last 4 digits of the code you wish to reset

5.  PCA will then reset the code (this takes about 30 seconds)

NOTE: If the hold time is too long at this phone number, you can also email PCAmerica to have the code reset.  Simply email them at

In your email include the following:

1.  Business Name

2.  Registration Code

3.  Business Address or CompanyID


After PCA resets the code, we can now re-enter the code into the CRE software.  To do this, follow these steps:

1.  At the PCAmerica Registration screen, click "Register Now"

2.  You will then be prompted to enter your PCA Code


3.  Enter your PCA code and click OK


Congratulations!  You have now reset and re-entered your PCA Code.  The CRE software should now open and operate without any issues.


* If you have not been provided your PCA Codes, please contact our support team at  We will be able to provide you with these codes for your safe keeping.

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