System Settings: R&R Reasons

What are R&R Reasons?

R&R Reasons stand for Return and Refund Reasons, which are the reasons specified by your winery that allow customers to return or refund products. From the R&R Reasons screen, the user can add new R&R Reasons and edit existing reasons. 

In vinSUITE, Returns and Refunds are defined as:

Full Returns are when all the products from a given order are returned to the inventory, and a credit is issued for all monies paid towards the order.

Partial Returns are when some but not all of the products are returned. A credit is issued equal to the dollar amount of the returned products.

Full Refunds are when all monies for a given order are credited back to the customer, but no products are returned to inventory.

Partial Refunds  are when some but not all monies for a given order are credited back to the customer. No products are returned to inventory.


Adding a New R&R Reason 

1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, click the orange 'Settings'  button in the top right of your screen. From the drop-down menu, choose 'System Settings'. 


2) The System Settings will open in the work space. Click the 'R&R Reason' tab from the Settings sub-menu.


3) On the R&R Reasons page, click the 'Actions' button and select 'Add Return/Refund Reason' from the drop-down menu.



4) The Add Return/Refund Reason window will appear. Complete the appropriate fields and click the 'Add Return/Refund Reason' button at the bottom of the window. 


A.png  Reason Code The Reason Code is a short code that specifies the reason for the return or refund. Each reason code should have its own unique refund code.
B.png  Description Enter a short description that explains the Reason Code.
C.png  Type

Select 'Return' or 'Refund' from the drop-down menu. This selection applies to the Reason Code.

D.png  Return To Inventory  Select 'Yes' or No' to permit products with this Reason Code to return to your inventory. This selection should correspond with the Reason Type. 


5) The screen will return to the R&R Reasons page. The R&R entries are fully editable, so you can quickly change your preferences and description.

You can also rearrange the sequence of the Reason Codes to determine their order of appearance when managing an customer order. 



6) Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page to save any added or adjusted R&R Reasons.


For help applying a return or refund to an order, please visit the Orders: Returns & Refunds page.

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