System Settings: Mobile POS

What is the Mobile POS?

In the System Settings, the Mobile POS tab controls some of the general functions for the TabletPOS application. From this page, an admin user can configure certain features in the TabletPOS app, like Email and Receipt Settings, as well as update the Background Image for devices. A user can also manage and monitor active licenses and devices accessing the TabletPOS app.

Note: You must have access to the System Settings section in the vinSUITE admin panel to set up a TabletPOS location.


Manage the TabletPOs with the Mobile POS tab

1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, click the orange 'Settings'  button in the top right of your screen. From the drop-down menu, choose System Settings.


2) The System Settings will open in the work space. Click the 'Mobile POS' tab from the Settings sub-menu.


3) Edit any appropriate fields. There are multiple smaller sections within the page will be explained in greater detail.

Note: In the eWinery Admin Panel, the Mobile POS tab can be found clicking on the Settings icon and navigating to the MPOS tab.


General Settings


A.png Accepted Payment Types

Payment Types for the TabletPOS are now managed in the 'Payment' tab.

For more information, please visit the Payment Settings page.

You must click the 'Save' button in the section to save your setting.  

B.png POS Color Palette Settings

In the Color Palette Settings section, you can alter the color of your product buttons by product type, allowing you to customize the look of your TabletPOS home screen.

Please visit the TabletPOS Product Color Palettes page for more information.

You must click the 'Save' button in the section to save your setting.  

C.png Email Settings

In the Email Settings section, there is a toggle switch to 'Send Completed Order Confirmation Emails'. When the toggle is switched to "YES," the system will send confirmation emails for completed TabletPOS orders to the internal admin panel email address.

You must click the 'Save' button in the section to save your setting.  

D.png Required Billing Fields

In this section, a user can mandate the particular billing fields a customer must fill out when checking out on the TabletPOS app. This includes:

  • Address
  • Second Line for Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Company
  • Phone
  • Email Address

If none of these options are selected, only the customer's first name, last name, and email address are required for a billing transaction.

Note: These setting will only apply when entering new customers.

You must click the 'Save' button in the section to save your setting.  

E.png Receipt Settings

The Receipt Settings allows the user to decide how the customer will receive receipts from transactions on the TabletPOS app. You can choose to:

  • Print the receipt
  • Email the receipt 
  • Choose the receipt style at checkout per the customer's preference

Note: These receipt styles are predominantly used for Quick Sale customers who do not have any information in the vinSUITE system. Any member with a valid email will automatically receive a email receipt upon checkout.

Additionally, there is a toggle switch to 'Require a receipt at checkout'. When the toggle is set to "YES," a customer signature is required during checkout.

You must click the 'Save' button in the section to save your setting.  


Manage Locations


A.png Add New Location

By clicking 'Add New Location', you can enter a new place where a device is connected or located.

Tablets are associated with a location, so you can see the sales differences between locations. You must set up a Location in this section before it is accessible on a device.

Please visit the Mobile POS - Location Settings page for more information. 

B.png Location Details

This section lists all the locations that have been enabled for TabletPOS devices. The details displayed in this list are: 

  • ID Number
  • Name of the Location

Note:  Multiple locations are optional unless you have Will Call locations with different tax rates.

To edit a Location, you are redirected to the Pickup Order Settings page. For additional information on Pickup Order Settings, please visit the Mobile POS - Location Settings  page. 


Manage Devices


A.png Add New Device

By clicking 'Add New Device", you can allow a new device to sign in to your TabletPOS app.

After clicking the button, you must add a primary location and a name for the device.  

B.png Device Details 

This section lists all the devices that have been enabled to access your TabletPOS app. A device must be active in this list before you can select it when signing in to the TabletPOS app. The details displayed in this list are: 

  • Name of the Device
  • Location of the Devices (Each Device must be assigned a Location.)
  • If the device is in use

You can edit or delete a Device by selecting the appropriate icon in the Actions column.

Note: You can only delete a Device after you unlink it from a Location. If the Device's Location has one or more batches linked to it, you can only deactivate the Device. 


Active Licenses


A.png Total Licenses This icon displays the total number of licenses that a winery has available. 
B.png Active Licenses This icon displays the number of licenses that are active or in use.
C.png License Details

The License Details section displays information about the devices accessing your TabletPOS app. The information displayed is:

Device - Identifies the device is being accessed.

Sales Associate - Determines which user/sales associate is logged in to a device.

Current Status - Displays the current status of the device (awake, asleep, etc.)

Registered On - Establishes the time and date the device accesses the TabletPOS app.

Expires - Displays the time and date when a device's access to the TabletPOS app will expire.


Background Image


A.png Background Image

This is the Background Image section for TabletPOS.

Note: Entries will only be displayed in this section once a user has successfully logged in to the TabletPOS app with a specific device. 

B.png Image Displays the image chosen for the TabletPOS background. 
C.png Replace Image

Allows the user to replace the TabletPOS background image.

Click the 'Choose File' button and select an image from your desktop. Then, click the 'Upload' button and your new image should appear in the Image section and your Mobile device. 


Note: You can additionally search through specific sections, like Manage Devices or Active Licenses, by controlling the number of entries or using the Search field.



For additional information on setting up the TabletPOS, please visit TabletPOS Implementation: Start To Finish Guide.

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