How to create your first wine club



I will be showing you how to create your first wine club! Before we start, I am going to assume that we have gone through the steps with our initial setup. Just in case, you can locate the initial setup page within Smart Club.


Help > Smart Club Help Contents



So, lets jump right into it.


Step 1

> Locate Utilities



Step 2

> Select Wine Clubs



Step 3

> Select Add



The very first time you are presented with this window, there are of course no wine clubs displayed below the "Add" button. As you are adding more wine clubs, you will see them appear there in alphabetical order.

You may notice that at this point, none of the fields in the window are active. In other words, you cannot click in any of the boxes. To add a new wine club, simply press the "Add" button and the cursor is placed at Code field.


** NOTE **

The only information required here is the "Code" and the "Name" of the wine club.


Code - The code is the short name for the Wine Club. It is only used to save space on reports

Name - The Name is the unique identifier or the key for each Wine Club. If you only operate one wine club, this name isn't that important as it only serves to separate one from another in multi Wine Club operations.


Once you have entered the Code and Name for a new wine club, you may press the "Save" button and the wine club will be added to the wine club table. If there is already a wine club on file with the name you entered, there will be an appropriate message. At that time, you may change the name or you may press the "Cancel" button and you can start anew.


Step 4

> Enter Code and Name

Please refer to step 3 if you run into trouble.



Step 5

> Submit and save wine club



And that is it! If you are in need of assistance, please feel free to contact us at



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