Wine Club Setup

Wine clubs may be stored in two different ways depending on your preference.

If you like to keep databases completely separate, you have the ability to change databases through the Database & Paths function. Information for each wine club is kept completely separate.

Alternatively, you may store information for several wine clubs in one database. The advantage of this method is that you can see all members regardless of which wine clubs they belong to. This makes for easier identification. Additionally, it would be easy to move a member from one wine club to another

The function of this window is to add, change and delete wine clubs. To access this window, select Wine Clubs from the Utilities Menu.


or by pressing the utilties.png button on the startup window and selecting Wine Clubs.


You are presented with the following window:


The very first time you are presented with this window, there are of course no wine clubs displayed below the add.png button. As you are adding more wine clubs, you will see them appear there in alphabetical order.



Adding New Wine Clubs

You may notice that at this point, none of the fields in the window are active. In other words, you cannot click in any of the boxes. To add a new wine club, simply press the add.png button and the cursor is placed at Code field.

Note that the only information required here is the code and the name of the wine club. Other information such as Member Types and Shipping Fees specific to each club are entered in their respective windows.



The code is the short name for the Wine Club. It is only used to save space on reports.


The Name is the unique identifier or the key for each Wine Club. If you only operate one wine club, this name isn't that important as it only serves to separate one from another in multi Wine Club operations.

Once you have entered the Code and Name for a new wine club, you may press the save.png button and the wine will be added to the Wine Club Table. If there is already a wine club on file with the name you entered, there will be an appropriate message. At that time you may change the name or you may press the cancel.png button and you can start fresh.


Changing or Deleting Wine Clubs

To Change or Delete a wine club, select the name from the list displayed on the bottom of the window. Once you selected a wine club, you will see the following window.


As you can see, the amend.png and delete.png buttons are now active. Note: the word Amend is just another word for Change. If you press the amend.png button or if you change the name, the save.png button will become active and you must press it to save the change. Pressing the cancel.png button will discard any changes you've made to this wine club's record. If you press the delete.png button, a message box will appear and ask you to confirm the deletion of this wine club.


Pressing the yes.png button will permanently delete this wine club.

Note: You cannot delete a wine club if there are still members who belong to it in the member table.



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