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Updating your CartConnect version

We have officially released CartConnect version 2.80.55 to ProductControl. If you need help updating your CartConnect version, please use the following steps to update your NVPOS products:

  1. Run ProductControl as Administrator and log in 
    (Hold Shift + Right click your mouse over the icon) 

  2. Click the  button to bring the product up to date

  3. Click the  button to update all NVPOS Products


Item Import Setup

Now that your CartConnect version is up-to-date, you are ready to begin the Item Import Setup process. 

  1. Select CartConnect, and click RunApplication1.png
  2. Click Connections.png and tick the box for Inventory Import, and click Save:
  3. Now, go to the Inventory tab: InvTab1.png

Schedule Inventory



  1. Schedule Inventory: Tick this box to enable to automatic import schedule

  2. Run Every: In this section, you can set the interval (Minutes, Hours, Days, Once Daily) and enter the desired interval.

Inventory Import Options

 In this area, you have several configurable options when it comes to how your items import into DesktopPOS:


  1. The options in this section allow you to map fields/values from vinSUITE to their respective counterpart field in DesktopPOS.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: You should reference your item properties in DesktopPOS and ensure you are mapping to the right fields before you do your first item import.

  2. Ignore Item Category On Import: Ticking this box will Ignore the default category coming down from vinSUITE. 

    Department and Category defaults for products:
    First party Wine = Department: WINE | Category: Varietal
    First party Products = Department: Non-Wine | Category: Report Group

  3. Default Item Tax Code: This setting allows you to set a default tax for all imported items that are set to Taxable in vinSUITE

  4. Import SKU as Alias: This feature will combine the user-defined prefix and SKU, and input that for the Alias of the item.
    NOTE: Alias' in our DesktopPOS system are for use with barcode scanners. This field allows you to set a code for your barcode scanner to match to the item record.

Save your work!

  1. Once you have completed all desired setup above, make sure you hit the Save button:

Field Mapping

For your reference, we have created another document outlining the field mapping from vinSUITE fields to DesktopPOS fields. You can view this document here: 


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