Fulfillment: Package Distribution

What is Package Distribution? 

Package Distribution is the process of distributing products in packages for vinSUITE Fulfillment. If a winery is shipping out a package, an admin user can choose how the products will be dispersed among the packages for the most secure packing arrangement.    


Package Distribution

Note: Before continuing, verify all the Fulfillment Settings are correct. For additional information, please visit the Enable Fulfillment Settings page.   

1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, navigate to the 'Orders' section and click on 'Order Fulfillment'.



2)The Order Fulfillment page will open in the work space.  



3) Enter the appropriate search criteria and click the 'Search' button. 


4) The Search results will appear. Click the 'Shipping Label' icon associated with the appropriate order. 


Note: The entries without an editable checkbox and a 'Add Shipping Label' icon Add_Label_icon.jpg have not been fully processed and do not have a shipping label yet. 

The entries with an editable checkbox and a 'Shipping Label' icon Icon_-_Shipping_Label.PNG already have a shipping label that is editable before printing. 


5) The Shipping Details page will appear. Scroll down to the Package Distribution section. 



6) Select the shipping package for the order. 


Tip: Don't see the shipping package you want to use for this order? Please visit the Shipping Package Configuration page for more information about adding a package. 


7) Select the number of the products in this package.  


By clicking the '+ Additional Package' button, you can add another package to evenly distribute the products for an order.  


Note: At this time, all quantities must be distributed manually. The user will receive a warning if they click the 'Generate Labels' button and the required fields are not completed, or the  total Quantity in the Package(s) does not match the Order Quantity.



8) Review the Total Weight to check it is calculated correctly. The Total Weight should be the sum of the package and items' weights. 


Note: If the Total Weight is incorrect, you can manually adjust the Total Weight to display the correct amount.   


9) Once all the products are properly distributed in packages, click the 'Generate Labels' button and continue with the Fulfillment process. Please review the Fulfill an Order page to continue fulfilling the order.


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