List Builder: Edit a List

Edit a List

1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, expand the ‘Marketing’ section in the left hand navigation panel, and then select ‘List Builder’. 



2) The List Builder will open in the work space. Click the Pencil Icon Pencil.png in the Actions column to edit a list. 



 3) The Edit List window will appear. There are several tabs and fields you can enter information to refine your list.  


OHC_Button_General.png OHC_Button_Members.png
OHC_Button_Preferences.png OHC_Button_Club_Member.png
OHC_Button_Wine.png OHC_Button_Product.png
OHC_Button_Orders.png OHC_Button_Excludes.png
OHC_Button_Summary.png OHC_Button_Preview.png


Note: Remember to click the 'Save' button on each tab to save any changes. 


General Tab


 From the General tab, you can edit the name of the list. 


Members Tab


On the Members tab, you can edit a list to include:

  • Specific member types (Club Members, Allocation)
  • The date members were added  to the database
  • Members' tenure (how long they were a member)
  • Members' birth dates (before, after, or between specific dates)
  • When members last logged in to the website
  • If a customer lives within a set amount of miles from a specific zip code
  • What states members reside in

  Note: If you do not choose specific states, your list will include members in all states.


Club Members Tab


On the Club Members tab, you can edit a list to include:

  • Which Club Level a member belongs to
  • How long members has been in the wine club and/or their anniversary dates 
  • If members are active or inactive
  • When members' credit cards expires


Preferences Tab


On the Preferences tab, you can refine a list based on specific responses to your Preference Based Marketing profiles.

Note: You can add and review your Preference Based Marketing questions by navigating to Preference Based Marketing in the Marketing section.    




Wine Tab


On the Wine tab, you can edit a list that refines purchasers by:

  • Wine Types
  • Wine Brands in your inventory 
  • Varietals
  • Appellations
  • The amount of money spent on the wine
  •  The amount of bottles purchased
  • Vintage
  • Bottle Size


Product Tab


On the Product tab, you can edit a list that refines purchasers by:

  • SKU or SKUs (separate the SKUs by comma)
  • Category of wines and products 


Orders Tab


On the Orders tab, you can edit a list based on:

  • When an order was placed
  • How much was spent in an order
  • Which state(s) the order was shipped to 


Excludes Tab


On the Excludes tab, you can choose to exclude customers that may appear on other lists.  

Note: You cannot choose a list that exclude other lists. 


Summary Tab


On the Summary tab, you can review your selections from other tabs. 

By selecting the 'Get Member Count' button, you can view how many members would be included in your list. 


By selecting the 'Download List' button,  you can download an Excel spreadsheet that displays the following information about members on the list:

  • Birth date
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email


Preview Tab


On the Preview tab, you can preview all the members that meet the criteria of the list. The Preview tab provides a quick glance at members without searching in the downloaded excel file.

The Preview tab presents: 

  • The members' first names, last names, and billing email addresses are provided in sortable grids
  • A search field to identify a particular member (The Filter List) 
  • A link to a individual's Member Profile via the green pencil icon 


Note: Remember to click the 'Save' button on each tab to save any changes. 

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