Initial Setup

Welcome to the initial setup for SmartClub!

We will be covering the basics of Smart Club and providing you with a general idea on what you need to know before you start using SmartClub.

After SmartClub has been installed, each user on each workstation will have to agree to the End User License Agreement before they may use the program. A screen similar to this one will be displayed:


Once read, the user may choose to accept or decline this agreement. If the latter is chosen, the program will close. If the user accepts the agreement, the user may choose not to see this agreement again by checking the EULAcheckbox.png checkbox. From time to time, this license agreement may show up again; when it does, make sure to read and understand its contents.


Now the formalities are out of the way, let's take a few moments and go over the information needed for the successful operation of the wine club program.


SmartClub's security is on all the time. It is up to the user to make sure passwords are not shared. Before running the program you should decide what level of security each person accessing the application needs. When you start the program for the first time, you will automatically be taken to the Users and Security program at which time you will be asked to provide a password for the supervisor.

Next we need some company information, such as the address of your winery. This information is entered in the Company Information window.

Thirdly, we need to know how many wine clubs you use in your business. Whereas in previous versions each wine club was a separate database, now you have the added ability to store multiple wine clubs in one database. You can enter that information in the Wine Clubs window.

Next we need to know how your wine club(s) operate(s), how many bottles you send for each type per shipment and what discount should be applied. You can find this in the Member Types window.

The next window is used to enter the Shipping Fees. Here you will have the ability to specify your own shipping zones and fees for each membership type.

If you wish to email members to notify them of declined credit cards, or send email based on certain criteria, you should go to the Email Settings window and complete the information there.

In order to successfully verify credit cards, you should go to the Credit Card Processors Settings window and complete the information required.

In the Shipper Settings window information is entered to successfully integrate with several third-party shippers in order to export and print shipping labels

If you have purchased the SmartLink software, which gives you the ability to interface directly with the Point-Of-Sale program, go to the Point of Sale Settings window to facilitate a seamless integration between the two programs.

The final window allows you to specify some miscellaneous settings such as the sorting option for invoices, printer selection popup windows etc., tax rates, and CRM tables. You can go to the Miscellaneous Settings window to edit the information.

After you have successfully entered the above information, you are ready to use the SmartClub program!


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