Company Information

The function of this window is to enter information regarding your winery. This information will be used to print on reports and invoices.

The Company Information window can be accessed through the utilities menu.


or by pressing the utilties.png button on the startup window and selecting Company Information.


Once you have selected Company Information, you are presented with the following window.


Company Name

The company name will be printed on all reports and invoices. You cannot change the company name in this window. If you need to change the company name, you need to re-register this program. (see Registering SmartClub)

Address, City, State and Zip

The address, city, state and zip are used to print on invoices. When entering the state, you will be able to select from a list of states. The state selected here will be used as the default state when entering new members.


The country dropdown field allows the entry of the US and Canada and may be used for shipping purposes. The default code is US.

Phone and Fax

The phone and fax numbers will also appear on the invoices. Enter the numbers as you would enter them on the phone, i.e. do not stop. The cursor will automatically advance to the next block


The email address will be printed on the invoices and will also be used as the Sender when automatic email notifications are sent.

To save the information you have entered, press the save.png button and the main window will be displayed. If you close this window or press the exit.png button, any information you may have changed will be lost.


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