Member Types

The function of this window is to specify the types of members you have in your wine club.


The Member Types window can be accessed through the utilities menu,



or by pressing the utilties.png button on the startup window and selecting Member Types.




Once you have selected Member Types, you are presented with the following window.



If you have the Point of Sale Interface enabled, you will see some extra fields on this window:



Wine Club Pull Down

In the wine club pull down field, you can select the wine club for which you want to edit the types. All information for the alphabetically first wine club will be displayed upon initiating the program.


Number of Member Types

This specifies the number of distinct member types you have in your wine club. You may specify up to four (4) Membership Types per Wine Club.

Note: You may increase the number of member types at any time. If you wish to decrease the number, you first must make sure that all members belong to one of the remaining types. Additionally, you cannot reduce the number of types in the middle of a wine run.

Example 1: You have a Bronze, a Silver and a Gold Membership. You can add a Platinum Membership without any ramifications.

Example 2: You have a Bronze, a Silver and a Gold Membership. You wish to change from 3 to 2 Membership Types and change the names to Standard and Special. Before you can make this change, you have to make sure that all your old Gold Members are changed to Standard or Special Members in the Members program. Alternatively, if you have a lot of members to change, you can choose to use the Transfer Members function. Once that has been completed, you can then come back to this function and change the number of membership types.


The description is used to differentiate between the different Membership Types. Examples are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Standard, Special, 2 Bottle, 6 Bottle etc. You may change the Membership Description at any time.


This field reflects the number of bottles for the selected Membership Type. The maximum number you can choose is 99 bottles per Membership Type.

Note that in the Shipment Preparation window, only a maximum of 8 lines can be displayed. This means that the maximum different types of wine per shipment is 8.

Discount %

This percentage is applied during a wine run to the basic wine price as entered in the Wines program. Each Membership Type may have its own unique discount percentage.

Code (POS interface only)

The code selected here, ties in with the Point of Sale Discount Code and can be between A and Z . Each member type can have the same or a different code.

To save the information you have entered, press the save.png button and the main window will be displayed. If you close this window or press the exit.png button, any information you may have changed will be lost.

Note 1: If you have reduced the number of Membership Types, the Member Table will be checked to verify you don't have any members with incorrect Membership Types.

Note 2: If you are in the middle of a shipment for this wine club, you can not make any changes to this window. You can see that you are in the middle of a run by a message which will appear above the save.png button. Additionally, in this case, the save.png button will have been disabled.



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