Shipping Fees

The function of this window is to specify the descriptions as well as the Shipping/Handling charges that you wish to have applied for each Membership Type per Zone.

The Shipping Fees window can be accessed through the utilities menu.



 You can also press the utilties.png button on the startup window and select Shipping Fees.




Once you have selected Shipping Fees, you are presented with the following window.




Wine Club Pull Down

In the wine club pull down field, you can select the wine club for which you want to edit the fees. All information for the alphabetically first wine club will be displayed upon initiating the program.

Shipping Code

In this column you can enter a description for each zone you will be shipping wine to. Shipping codes are used on the Shipping Information tab in the Members program.


Will Call

For each Shipping Code you can specify whether it is a "Will Call" or not. Generally, a member who has a Shipping Code of "Will Call", comes and picks up the wine at your facility. If you have more than one facility, you can specify more than one Shipping Code to be "Will Call". An example would be if you allow your members to pick up their wine at your tasting room as well as your winery.

Sales Tax %

Since wines may be picked up in different area's, it is possible that the sales tax is different from one area to the next. To this end, you are allowed to change the sales tax percentages for will call's only. If the will call checkbox is unchecked, the sales tax percentage will display <default> which means that the percentage used for calculation will be the one from the Miscellaneous Information window, Tax Rates tab. Enter the Percentage as 7.75, not as 0.0775.

Note that if a sales tax percentage changes you would have to make the appropriate changes to all wine clubs.


Note: If you see the Will Call checkbox grayed out, it means that you cannot check or uncheck this at this time as there are members who are in this zone. You would have to change all members for this particular code to another code before you can make a change.


There may be up to four (4) columns of fees displayed in this window. One for each Membership Type defined in the Member Types program. For each Shipping Zone and Membership Type, enter the amount you would like to charge for shipping and/or handling per each Wine Run.

Shipping Sales Tax

There are some states which charge Sales Tax on Shipping. Specifically on the difference between what you charge and what you actually pay. This may sometimes be hard to exactly figure out and keep track of so this window allows you to charge a fixed tax amount if you need to. This could be a fixed charge based on the total shipping fee or just part of the shipping fee. If you decide to charge an amount that is equal to the sales tax percentage multiplied by the shipping fee, press the calculate.png button and the Shipping Sales tax will be automatically calculated.

Note: If you change the sales tax percentage at some point in time in the future, you would have to manually recalculate these fields.

POS Product Code

If you have the Point-of-Sale program and wish to integrate invoices, you have to assign product codes to each zone. These product codes are used to create a line item on the invoice for the shipping fee. This will allow you to keep track of shipping fees charged in the POS.

To the right of the window there is a POS Product Code drop down list from which you can select an appropriate code. The codes/descriptions displayed here are selected from the department specified in the POS Settings Department field.


Only the first 5 zones are displayed. Use the slider bar to the right of the window to display more. Up to 10 zones are available.

The duplicate.png button is used to duplicate the information seen on the current active window to the other wine clubs. To save the information you have entered, press the save.png button and the main window will be displayed. If you close this window or press exit.png the button, any information you may have changed will be lost.

Note: If you are in the middle of a Wine Run, you cannot make any changes to this window and the following message will be displayed:






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