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What are Product Attributes?

Product Attributes are certain product characteristics and groupings that a winery can customize. Product Attributes can provide more information about a product, and can help wineries categorize information for better reports and sales analysis.

Note: Some Product Attributes must be configured by the winery before they can be applied to a Product. 


Add Product Attributes 

1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, navigate to the 'Products' section and open 'Product Attributes'. 



2) Select a Product Attribute to add. 

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Product Report Groups

Product Report Groups allow you to group non-wine products into broader categories that can be displayed on certain reports in vinSUITE. You can associate a Report Group with a Product in the General tab when editing a First Party Products.  Then, you can run reports that include the Product Report Group to better organize and understand your sales information.


Once you click the "Add A Report Group" button, you can enter the the name of the Report Group and click the "Save" button. 


A.png  Report Group 

Enter the name of the Product Report Group as a broader category for non-wine products 

Example: Merchandise, Sale Items, etc.


Then, you can organize non-wine products into certain Product Report Groups. For more information about assigning a Report Group, please visit the First Party Products page. 


You can utilize data about the non-wine products to gather sales and other information in Report Builder.




Wine Brands

With Wine Brands, you can define all the specific brands in your winery. 


Once you click the "Add A Brand" button, you can enter the name of the Brand and the Brand Key, and then click the "Save" button. 


A.png  Brand

Enter the name of the wine brand

Tip: It is recommended that you always add a Brand during the initial set up for a Product. ShipCompliant requires a Brand and a Brand Key, so every Product would need to manually edited if they do not have a Brand.  

B.png  Brand Key

Enter the Brand Key for ShipCompliant use. This Key must exactly match the product setup in the ShipCompliant admin.

Note: This is only required for the ShipCompliant integration.



Wine Regions

Wine Regions allow you to indicate the general region or area where a wine is created, to provide more information about your product.   


Once you click the "Add A Wine Region" button, you can enter the Wine Region, and then click the "Save" button. 


A.png  Wine Region

Enter the name of general Wine Region

Example: California, Oregon, New Zealand - North Island, etc. 



Wine Appellations 

Wine Appellations allow you to designate a defined location within a larger Wine Region. 


Once you click the "Add A Wine Appellation" button, you can enter the Wine Appellation and the Wine Region where the Appellation is located. Then, you can click the "Save" button. 


A.png  Wine Appellation

Enter the name of the Wine Appellation

Example: Napa Valley, Monterey County, etc.  

B.png  Wine Region Select the appropriate Wine Region that you have previously set up. 



Wine Varietals

Wine varietals describe the general type of wines in vinSUITE. The Wine Varietals that you add will appear in a drop-down list when you're adding a new Product. 


Once you click the "Add A Wine Varietal" button, you can enter the Wine Varietal and the type of wine that best describes the varietal. Then, you can click the "Save" button.


A.png  Wine Varietal Enter the name of the wine varietal 
B.png  Wine Type

Enter the type of wine and flavor that best describes the varietal. 

Note: The Wine Type list is previously determined and cannot be edited by the winery. 



Custom Product Attributes

Custom Product Attributes are currently not functional. Please contact the vinSUITE Client Services Team at for additional information. 


Note: Attributes can be applied to Products on the Wine tab or General tab when editing.  




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