CashRegisterExpress SQL Service Error

This article will assist you when CRE will not open due to a SQL Server Error

When attempting to open your POS software (CRE) and you see the following error, please attempt the following steps:


When you see this error after attempting to open CRE, click OK


When prompted to review your database settings, click NO.


This error often means that the Windows Service responsible for running your database has stalled.  We will now attempt to restart the Windows SQL service:

1. Click the Windows Start button and type in: Services
2. Find the Windows Services app (It should have a gear icon)


3. Find the SQL Server (PCAMERICA) service


4. If it is not running, please highlight it and click START on the left hand side.

5. If it is running, please restart it
6. Open CRE again and it should solve the problem


Congratulations!  You have successfully restarted the Windows SQL service.


If you are still having trouble opening CRE, please contact our support team at

If this is an after-hours support situation, you may also contact PCAmerica at (800) 342-5729



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