Email Settings

The function of this window is to enter information in order for you to send email to your members. Alternatively, you can use the integration to the Constant Contact Email System to export members' information and then use that program to bulk-email your members. The Email Settings window can be accessed through the utilities menu.



or by pressing the email2.png button on the startup window and selecting Email Settings.




Once you have selected Email Settings, you are presented with the following window.




If you will be using SmartClub to send your emails, enter the information below. If you will be using the Constant Contact Integration Module, please enter the information in the next section Constant Contact Settings.


General Mail Settings


Mail Name

The Mail Name is the name which the recipients of your email will see on their email.

Return Address

The return address is the address your members can return email to in case they wish to reply to an email you sent them.

Relay Server

Generally, this field may be left blank but if the email doesn't seem to work enter your outgoing mail server if necessary. (example: If you have mail working through outlook express or other email program, have a look at the settings there and use these to make email work in this program.

Relay Port

This is the port which is used to relay email through. The default is port 25 but some ISP's may block this port and make another available. Contact your ISP if the default does not work

Authenticate, User Name & Password

Some service providers will only allow relaying for registered users in order to prevent and track spammers. Check this box if your ISP requires authentication and enter your user name and password.


Some email providers require mail to be sent using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). Check this box to activate this feature


If there is a problem getting the email configuration to work properly, checking the Trace field will create an trace log to facilitate troubleshooting the problem. The file is called TraceFile.log and is located in the program directory.

To save the information you have entered, press the save.png button and the main window will be displayed. If you close this window or press the exit.png button, any information you may have changed will be lost. To test the email connection and to see if all the information is entered correctly, press the email5.png button. If all is well, you will get the following message:




Constant Contact Settings

To be able to export members' information to the Constant Contact Email System, your email needs to be registered at Constant Contact First. This can be done through the following setup window. If you already have an account with Constant Contact, an activation code must be provided to you by SmartClub Technical Support in order to activate the link.





The username is the email address to be used (or the one which has been used) to create an account with Constant Contact.


This is the password to gain access to the account with Constant Contact.

Activate Online

To register your email and activate your account with Constact Contact online, choose the Activate Online option and click on the email8.png button. A connection will be made with the Constant Contact server and, if the email address is not already set up as an account, the Constant Contact Integration Module will be activated.

Enter Activation Code

If a Constant Contact account had been previously activated with the entered email address, this option should be chosen. An activation code must be obtained from SmartClub technical support and entered. Press the button and the Constant Contact Integration will be activated.

Once successfully activated, the following display will be visible:



Test Connection

In order to see if the Constant Contact servers are up an running, press the email10.png button.

Reset Settings

If a different email address is to be used as an account code, the settings have to be reset. Press the email11.png button and another email address may be entered. Note that the new account will have to be activated again as described above


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