Credit Card Processor Settings

The function of this window is to enter information regarding your credit card processor. This information has to be entered in order for your credit cards to be processed. Currently, SmartClub interfaces with Open Edge (PPI Paymover) as a payment processor. There is an option to run in Demo mode. In this mode, credit cards are approved and declined at random.

The Credit Card Processor settings window can be accessed through the utilities menu.



or by pressing the cc2.png button on the startup window and selecting CC Processor Settings.




Once you have selected CC Processor Settings, you are presented with the following window.




Credit Card Processing Software

Choose the software you use or intend to use to verify and process your credit cards. Choosing Demo Mode will allow you to run cards without actually charging the member. This is useful if you want to see what reports might look like.

Max Declined Count

When credit cards are processed, inevitably there are going to be some cards that will be declined. Some processors charge for processing the charge regardless whether a card is approved or declined. This feature allows you to set the maximum number of times a card is processed before this program gives up and considers this card as unable to be processed.

Reset Declined Count After Change

If a transaction has reached the maximum declined count, the transaction will not be processed. This feature, when checked, resets the counter if a change is made to the member record. For instance, the customer took a while to get back to you after receiving information that the card was declined. You change the expiration date on the member's record. This will reset the Max Declined Counter to zero enabling you to resubmit the charge.

Time Out Value

Enter the timeout value in seconds. The default is 120 seconds or 2 minutes. This is the maximum time the SmartClub Process Credit Cards function waits for a response on a credit request before it moves on to the next member. If the timeout value is reached, the words TIMED OUT will appear for this member on the Credit Card Approved/Declined Report.


While unlikely, it may happen that for some reason the processor took a long time to get back to the Credit Card Processing software. If this happens, it may be that SmartClub says the transaction timed out while your Credit Card Processing Software says the transaction is approved. For this reason, whenever you see the words TIMED OUT on the Credit Approved/Declined Report, you should check your processing software or online tool to check the status of the transaction. If the transaction was indeed approved, you should then go to the Payments window and mark the transaction as approved in SmartClub too so the charge won't get duplicated the next time you run credit.

To help prevent TIMED OUT transactions from occurring, make sure that:

  • You have an excellent connection to your processor. (through the internet or otherwise)
  • The timeout value in SmartClub is at least the same as a corresponding value in your Credit Card Processing software.
  • No one else is using the Credit Card Processing software at the same time you are processing credit cards.
  • If you are using Point Of Sale version 11 or higher and have transaction and inventory integration through SmartClub, no one else is using that program while processing credit cards.


PPI Paymover (Open Edge)



Account Token

This account token allows communication from your site to the processor's site. It contains all pertinent information to be able to process all transactions. It is obtained from the PPI's website. Please make sure to copy correctly. This key may be from 64 to 128 characters so cut & paste will work well for this.

Order ID

The order ID should be unique for each transaction. This field cannot be modified but is a visual reminder of how many transactions have passed through SmartClub

Use Managed Payer Data

PPI offers Managed Payer Data ability. If this feature is used, credit card information is entered as usual through the Member window but as soon as a transaction is processed, the credit card number is no longer stored in the member database but on the servers at PPI. This is another form of added security of your members' information.


If this feature is checked, the Decline Minimizer feature becomes available.

Use Decline Minimizer

This feature is used in conjuction with Managed Payer Data. When a member's credit card expires, PPI will attempt to obtain a new expiration date and, if successful, approve the transaction and pass the information to SmartClub. Using this feature may potentially reduce the number of declined transactions sunstantially.


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