MailChimp: Sync an existing vinSUITE List

Sync a List with MailChimp 

Note: Before continuing, please verify your MailChimp Settings are configured correctly and your account is linked with vinSUITE. For additional information on configuration, please visit the MailChimp: Enable MailChimp Settings  page.


1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, expand the ‘Marketing’ section in the left hand navigation panel, and then select ‘List Builder’.


2) The List Builder will open in the work space. Click the Pencil Icon Pencil.png in the Actions column to edit the appropriate list.


Tip: Please visit the  List Builder: Add A List  page for more information about adding a list in List Builder.


3) The Edit List window will appear. On the General tab, click the 'Enable MailChimp Sync' button to link an existing vinSUITE list with your MailChimp Account.

Note: This action will not automatically sync your list. The other tabs need to be completed so your list can be refined before syncing.


4) Two new fields will appear - the MailChimp Audience selectors and Audience Tag.


5) Select New MailChimp Audience or Existing MailChimp Audience.

New MailChimp Audience - Selecting 'New MailChimp Audience' will create a completely new list that can be synced with MailChimp.

Existing MailChimp Audience - Selecting 'Existing MailChimp Audience' will allow you to choose an existing audience in MailChimp and refine it with new filters in ListBuilder. You can choose an existing list in MailChimp by selecting the audience from the drop-down menu.


6) Enter any tags for your audience.

Note: Any tags added or removed in ListBuilder will be reflected in MailChimp when you push the list over. Any tags updated in ListBuilder will be added to an audience in MailChimp, but a copy of the old tag will remain as well.

7) Click the 'Save' button on the General tab.

8) Verify all appropriate tabs and fields are selected to refine your list. Please note that any member type can be synced over to a MailChimp list in the form of tags.


9) Navigate to the Summary tab. Click the 'Sync with MailChimp' button.

Note: The length of time for the sync will vary depending on the size of the list. Please be patient as it may take a few minutes. 


10) Once  the sync is successful, you can log in to your MailChimp account. You will be able to view the appropriate vinSUITE list in the Audience section in MailChimp. 


11) Once you select a particular Audience list, all the default settings from vinSUITE are populated in the Audience Name and Campaign Default section in Audience Settings.

Note: All the campaign defaults are editable for this audience from MailChimp.



12) All members in the vinSUITE audience will be uploaded and visible on MailChimp. If the audience is properly synced, MailChimp will contain the following member information:

  • Member email address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Physical Address (with Street Name, City, State, and Zip Code)
  • Phone Number
  • vinSUITE Member Number



Note: Mailchimp only considers members duplicates if two members have the same email address on the same list. This way the same member (with the same email address) can be added to multiple lists.


13) Navigate back to the ListBuilder. Once a vinSUITE list has synced with MailChimp, a new 'Refresh' button ListBuilderRefreshButtonsnag.jpg will appear next to the list.

Clicking the 'Refresh' button will immediately recheck vinSUITE and MailChimp to verify unsubscribers have been unsubscibed from both applications. 

Note: You do not need to manually recheck lists for unsubscribers. You can click the 'Refresh' button for immediate results, but any unsubscribers will automatically be marked as an "unsubscriber" member type in vinSUITE on a nightly basis.


14) If you add a new member to a list in vinSUITE, you can go back to re-sync the list in ListBuilder for immediate results.

Note: You do not need to manually re-sync and re-check lists for new members. Any new members added to a list in vinSUITE will automatically be updated on the MailChimp on a nightly basis.


Note: If member information on a synced list is altered or removed from the list criteria (i.e. the member is deleted in vinSUITE, switched member type, or marked as an Unsubscriber), then the member will have the associated tags removed from their record in MailChimp. vinSUITE never deletes any contacts in MailChimp, the system will only deactivate pertinent tags for that member.

If you edit certain member information that MailChimp records (like physical address and phone number) in vinSUITE, the corresponding list in MailChimp will be updated.


List Subscriber Rules 

Essentially, vinSUITE pushes new information to MailChimp, but doesn't pull new information in MailChimp back.

Example: List A is synced with MailChimp from vinSUITE.

If a new member is added to List A  in vinSUITE... The new member will be reflected in List A on MailChimp after the nightly sync.
If a new member is added to List A  in vinSUITE and synced with MailChimp... The new member will be reflected in List A on MailChimp immediately.
If a member's phone number is edited in vinSUITE and List A is re-synced with MailChimp... The member's new phone number will be updated on any existing lists in MailChimp.
If a member's physical address is edited in MailChimp... The member's physical address will be updated in MailChimp, but the member record in vinSUITE will NOT be updated.

Best Practice: 

If you want to modify the parameters of a vinSUITE ListBuilder list that was already
 synced with MailChimp, it is best to create a new Audience list and then push it over.

If you edit or change any members beyond adding them to a ListBuilder list that was already synced with MailChimp, it is recommended you create a new list and then push it over. 

We always recommend updating any member information in the vinSUITE member record. Any applicable information will update and flow over to MailChimp during the nightly sync.


List Unsubscriber Rules

Example: List A is synced with MailChimp from vinSUITE.

If a member is unsubscribed from List A in MailChimp... The member will be unsubscribed from the specific/all existing list in MailChimp.

The member will NOT be added to any future lists that are synced between vinSUITE and MailChimp.

The member will be added to the "unsubscriber" member type in vinSUITE.
If a member is unsubscribed via email or marked in vinSUITE... The member will be added to the "unsubscriber" member type in vinSUITE and will be unsubscribed from all MailChimp lists for that winery.


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