MailChimp: Build a Campaign in vinSUITE

Build a Campaign in vinSUITE

Note: Before continuing, please verify the MailChimp Settings are configured correctly. For additional information on configuration, please visit the MailChimp Settings page. For best practices and an overview of the general process, please visit the MailChimp page.


1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, expand the ‘Marketing’ section in the left hand navigation panel, and then select ‘Campaigns’. 



2) The Campaigns page will open in the work space. Click the '+ Add A Campaign' button.



3) The MailChimp Campaign editor will open in a new browser tab , and you can begin building your campaign. 


For more information about Campaigns, please visit Getting Started with Campaigns and Create a Regular Email Campaign on MailChimp's Help Center.


Note: Once you've edited and saved your email campaign in MailChimp, the changes will be reflected in vinSUITE.  



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