How to add a tip line to a reciept in CRE

First off, if you haven't taken tips thus far, you'll want to check with your merchant service provider to see if you're set up to take them, and also make sure if you're setup for "Auto Settling" that you change to
"Manual Settling." Otherwise you run the risk of having it auto settle before you add the tips thus loosing the ability to add tips!

Then in CRE login as Manager

Then in "Setup" got to "Setup Screen"


Then go to  "Payment Processing", Then the "Tips" tab

  • Under Print Tip Line on CC invoices, choose "yes on Completed Invoices."
  • Also check the box labeled "Keep Checks Open Until Tip Applied."
  • Then Update and Exit
  • You should now see a tip line on your CC receipt the next time you run a CC transaction

Once ready to add tips you want to do the following

  • Login as Manager
  • Then go to "Administrative" and "Credit Card Settlement"
  • Choose "Add Tip"

Then enter the invoice #, then Tip amount

Verify the tip amount and total by selecting Yes

Then repeat steps until all tips have been applied to all invoices.

Finally select "Settle" to settle your credit cards.




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