Store Management: Adding a Shipping Advisory Message to Appear by State

If you would like to add state-specific messaging to your cart, this is the tool for you! The messaging will display near the shipping options in your cart when a customer chooses the corresponding shipping state.

PLEASE NOTE: You may click on images in this tutorial to make them larger.

  1. In the vinSUITE admin panel, navigate to the Shipping section, and expand the menu.
  2. Select State Profiles.
  3. Choose the state for which you'd like to add messaging by clicking on its orange pencil in the "actions" column--if you are adding the same message for multiple states, select any one of those states.
  4. Once the "Edit State" window is open, navigate to the Shipping Message tab.
  5. Use the editor to enter and style your message.
  6. Once you have entered the message, toggle the state(s) for which you'd like it assigned. The state you are currently editing will be toggled to YES by default.
  7. Click Save.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a Shipping Advisory Message.


The message will appear in the cart when a customer chooses that state as their shipping state. It will display near your shipping options. Depending on which type of checkout you use, it may appear in a slightly different place than the example.

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