SmartClub Run Results in "Stuck Tabs"

This article will discuss how to remove "Stuck Tabs" in CRE as a result of a recent club run.  After your club run you may see many invoices stuck on-hold.


To clear these "Stuck Tabs" please perform the following steps:

1.  From the main POS screen, select FILE-->DATABASE MAINTENANCE-->CHECK DATABASE


2.  You will be prompted to enter you Administrator Password.  Please enter your Admin Password and select OK.


3.  You will now be at the Check Database Screen.  Click "Check Database"


4.  CRE will check the database and if there are any issues, you will have an option to "FIX"


5.  Once the Fix is completed you will see the following message


6.  Click OK and then "Close"

7.  Check your Open Tabs and the "Stuck Tabs" should be gone.

If your stuck tabs remain, or if you have any issues with performing these steps, please contact our support team for assistance:

WineWare Support

707-253-7400 X6


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