Payment Gateways: Transfer to Authorize.Net

Introduction to Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is one of the oldest and most popular payment gateway providers. Founded in 1996, the processor is owned and regulated by Visa, and has serviced over 400,000 merchants since its inception.

However, Authorize.Net is not a merchant account provider. The processor provides a secure payment gateway, as well as other products and services that integrate with an existing merchant account. Auth.Net can set up a merchant account through a third-party source, which could be subject to their additional fees and terms.

If you are interested in changing your Payment Gateway to WorldPay, vinSUITE only offers tokenized setups for WorldPay.

Tokenization is a process of substituting sensitive data for a non-sensitive equivalent, known as a token. The token has no exploitable value or meaning, but references back to the sensitive data for transactions. 

Tokenize Authorize.Net

Payment Gateway Contacts


Tokenize Authorize.Net

1) First, notify Authorize.Net that you want to tokenize your account.

2) Notify the vinSUITE Client Services Team that you want to tokenize your account.

  • The best way to notify vinSUITE is to open a support ticket.

3) The vinSUITE Client Services Team will contact you and direct you towards a sales representative.

  • There may be additional fees for setup and/or recurring charges for tokenization.

4) Once arrangements are made with the sales staff, a Project Manager will be assigned to your case, and will discuss scheduling and the timeline to tokenize Authorize.Net.

  • You should plan to keep your untokenized Auth.Net account open for two weeks after the planned cut-over date, to account for any refunds or order adjustments that may be needed.
  • Please set a transfer date that is before/after any high-volume processing to minimize open orders. High-volume processing usually includes any sales or club batch processing for your winery.

5) Review your vinSUITE account for any open or pending orders.

  • Transferring to a tokenized payment gateway will orphan any unsettled orders. If open orders are found, begin closing out or refunding those orders as appropriate. If an order is completed in the untokenized payment processor, it cannot be refunded from the tokenized version. Please try to settle any failed orders.

6) An Authorize.Net representative will schedule the tokens conversion with vinSUITE.

7) Once the vinSUITE admin panel has been configured with your new tokenized payment gateway, your Project Manager will coordinate with you about testing and confirm the correct functionality.

You will be required to test the following:

vinSUITE Admin Panel

  • Add a new credit card to a member record
  • Process a few test orders through the OMS. Confirm if the charges appear in online banking.
  • Refund a test order. Confirm if the refund appears in online banking.
  • Void another test order. Confirm if the void appears in online banking.

TabletPOS (if applicable)

  • Process a test Quick Sale order. Confirm if the charge appears in online banking.
  • Process a test order with a real customer. Confirm if the charge appears in online banking. 

8) Once the tests are successful and all orders are resolved in your untokenized account, you can begin processing customer orders with tokenized Authorize.Net.


Payment Gateway Contacts 

vinSUITE eCommerce Project Managers:

Johanna Stephan

Jonathan Hansard


vinSUITE POS Project Managers:

Brian Cornell

 Craig Blackmon





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