How to Get Your Wines Holiday Ready


As the holidays are getting closer, more customers are browsing your website. Whether they're looking for gifts or something to serve during the festivities, your wines need to catch their attention! This webinar reviews three different ways you can make your wines (and other products) more appealing and ready for the holiday rush! You will learn how to:

  • Create kits so you can feature holiday gift sets on your website
  • Manage events with ease using our non-wine product setup
  • Clean up your product URLs for more professional email campaign and links



Create a Kit for Holiday Specials  

You can create enticing holiday gift sets on your website when you arrange kits that are perfect for gifts! 

 To put together a gift set, please follow these steps:

1. In the vinSUITE admin panel, expand the Products section, then click 'Add a Product.'


2. Select 'Kit' as the Product Type and add a Product Name.

3. Add the brand and SKU for the kit and activate it so the kit appears for sale on your website.

Tip: The Short Name is the name that will appear if this kit is placed in the Tablet POS.  

4. Choose customer favorites and adjust the individual prices or total amount to create special holiday pricing.  

5. Upload a festive image for your kit


6. Add a teaser that promotes your products in each kit and a description that tempts potential customers. 

7. Construct a seasonal category that directs your buyers right to holiday sales and add your kit to the category.

Tip: Kits must be active and placed in a Product Category before they appear on your website!

8. Add a sense of urgency and an incentive by displaying the available inventory that ticks down in real time.


Shipping Considerations for Holiday Traffic

  • Remember there is more shipping traffic around the holidays, so warn your customers if you expect delays.   
  • Shipping rates will still be determined by the bottle sizes/weights of products contained in the kit.
  • Make sure all new kits are set up and updated if you use ShipCompliant
    • If you are using ShipCompliant, kits can be sent as a single SKU or broken out into individual SKUs


Make Your Events Merry and Bright

Another way to engage with your audience is hosting holiday tastings or dinners that draw potential customers in. Everyone loves a way to celebrate the season with friends and family!

You can start selling event tickets as non-wine products, which allows you to choose multiple dates and different prices without having to manage different products and constantly switch screens.

To organize tickets for a holiday wine tasting, please follow these steps: 

1. After expanding the Products section, click the 'Add a Product' button.


2. Select 'First Party Product' as the Product Type and add a Product Name.

3. Activate your event so it displays on your website, and click the 'Add a Price' button. 

4. After you click "Add a Price," you can create distinct SKUs and prices for individual dates.


Tip: Include your event date in the Unit Description so it will be displayed as an option for your customers on your website.


5. Upload a festive image for your event.

6. Construct a seasonal category for events and add your product to the category.

7. Update your inventory to reflect the availability for each event/product. 

Tip: For more flexibility with event reservations and ticket sales, vinSUITE integrates with Vino Visit and Cellar Pass. For more information, please contact our sales team at


Organize your Product URLs

Cleaning up your product URLs can help your winery look more professional in links and email marketing campaigns.

To clean up your URLs, please follow these steps:

1. After creating a kit (or any product), a generic URL is generated. 

2. Adjust the Marketing URL for an uncluttered and neater link 



If you have any questions about these features, please reach out to your sales representative or our Client Services Team at


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