Sticky Filters

What are Sticky Filters?

You can think of this feature as a 'Remember me' option for your favorite filters. Once toggled on, your filter choices will remain when you finish an order, clear an order, and even if you log out and back in. With your staff spending less time fiddling with filters, we hope this feature helps your team focus on providing stellar service to your customers.

In the following example, we will use the sticky filter toggle to save our Popular category filter. Our Popular category has items that are sold regularly, so this makes the perfect workable example that your team can use in your tasting room.


Enable Sticky Filters on the Tablet POS

Step 1 - Setting your filter(s):



Step 2 - Toggle the sticky filter on:


Yes, it is that simple! Now that the Keep Filters option is set to Yes, the system will hold onto your filters unless you set it otherwise. The filters will remain through any action on the Tablet POS, even after logging out and logging back in.

Note: The system default is set to remove filters between sales and sessions. 

To remove the sticky filter, simply set the Keep Filters option to No

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