Marketing: What is MailChimp?

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is an automated marketing tool that helps users create email campaigns. Seamlessly integrated with vinSUITE, email campaigns can flow between the two applications. The ListBuilder in vinSUITE can also be used to construct email lists targeting existing vinSUITE clients. Any established ListBuilder list can easily be pushed over to MailChimp before creating a campaign.  

A vinSUITE list can be uploaded and added to an email campaign in MailChimp. The email draft can be opened and edited in MailChimp, and any saved changed will be reflected in vinSUITE.



1. Link your MailChimp account 

     Detailed on the Enable MailChimp Settings page 

2. Transfer over a list from vinSUITE 

     Detailed on the Sync an existing vinSUITE List page 

3. See your updated campaigns in vinSUITE

     Detailed on the Campaigns in vinSUITE page 

4. Build a campaign starting in vinSUITE

     Detailed on the Build a Campaign in vinSUITE page 

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