MailChimp: Campaigns in vinSUITE

MailChimp Campaigns in vinSUITE

Note: Before continuing, please verify the MailChimp Settings are configured correctly. For additional information on configuration, please visit the MailChimp Settings page. For best practices and an overview of the general process, please visit the MailChimp page.


1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, expand the ‘Marketing’ section in the left hand navigation panel, and then select ‘Campaigns’.



2) The Campaigns page will open in the work space. All your existing campaigns will be transferred over from MailChimp and displayed in vinSUITE.



A.png Campaign

Displays the name of your campaign. 

B.png Type

Displays the type of format for your campaign (plain text or regular).

C.png Status

Displays the status of your email campaign. The status will detail if your campaign is a draft or has been sent.

D.png Date Displays the date you last updated your campaign.
E.png List Displays the list of recipients/contacts you have chosen to receive your email campaign.
F.png Recipients Displays the number of recipients/contacts included in a campaign.


3) Click a campaign to open the Campaigns page on MailChimp.



4) The Campaigns page will open in MailChimp. 



5) You can edit each campaign in MailChimp.

Note: For more information about Campaigns, please visit Getting Started with Campaigns and Create a Regular Email Campaign on MailChimp's Help Center.


6) Once you've completed your email campaign, you can send it out using MailChimp and the changes will be reflected in vinSUITE. The status of the campaign has been changed to "sent," and the email campaign overview has been updated.


A.png  Opens  Displays the percentage of recipients who opened your email campaign.
B.png Clicks 

Displays the percentage of recipients who clicked a link in your campaign's email content.

C.png Bounced Displays the percentage of recipients whose emails were not delivered.
D.png Unsubscribed Displays the percentage of recipients who unsubscribed from your email campaign.
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