eWinery Fulfillment: What is Fulfilllment?

What is Fulfillment?

eWinery Fulfillment allows you to complete, package, and ship your customers’ orders directly from your winery. With the Fulfillment feature, you are able to create and individually print accurate shipping labels for UPS delivery and have customers' orders ready to ship. In Fulfillment, you can:

  • Arrange and distribute products for shipment based on your preference
  • Create shipping labels that are supported by UPS package delivery
  • Search for Fulfillment orders based on label generation and item count
  • Print package labels with standard or thermal printers
  • Keep track of tracking numbers and shipping statuses for packages you've sent out



Before you can utilize the Fulfillment features correctly, ensure all product information is up-to-date, especially the size and weight of products. You can update this information on the Wine tab or the Pricing tab when editing a Product. 





Please visit the following pages to learn more about the Fulfillment feature. 

Enable Fulfillment Settings

Shipping Package Configuration

Fulfill an Order

Package Distribution

Edit a Fulfillment Order

Fulfill Club Batch Orders 


Common Questions about Fulfillment

Question: Does the eWinery Fulfillment feature have anything to do with Fulfillment Houses?

Answer: The eWinery Fulfillment feature does not coincide or collaborate with a Fulfillment House. You cannot use eWinery Fulfillment in conjunction with a Fulfillment House or ShipCompliant.


Question: Fulfillment is integrated with UPS. Can it calculate my shipping costs? 

Answer: The Fulfillment feature cannot currently determine exact shipping costs for external shipping services. The Fulfillment feature is separate from shipping cost calculations - shipping costs are still determined by Shipping Rates and Zones in eWinery.  


Question: Can I use Fulfillment in both eWinery and vinSUITE applications? 

Answer: The Fulfillment feature is available for both the eWinery and vinSUITE applications. Please visit vinSUITE Fulfillment to learn more about the Fulfillment process in vinSUITE. 

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