RMS - "Could not connect to database."




If you received the message above, the steps down below will walk you through how to re-enable your SQL Server Service. In order for Retail Management System (RMS) to function properly, it will need the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) Service enabled.


Before we begin, we will need to locate the computer that is hosting the RMS database. If you only have 1 register then we have nothing to worry about, please continue on to the next section of this article (SQL SERVICE).


If you have multiple registers on site here is how to locate the RMS server.

  1. Use the start menu and search "Store Operations Administrator"
  2. Launch Store Operations Administrator
  3. Located at the top left is "File"
  4. Select "Configuration"
  5. You will want to write down the "Server Name" (picture down below).so_admin.png
  6. In the example above it says "local" meaning the database is stored on your current computer. If you have a different server name other than "local", please write this down for future reference.
  7. Once the server name has been acquired, all we need to do is match the "Server Name" to the computer's "System Name". We will need to go to each computer and check the "System Name" to figure this out.
  8. Easiest way is to search using the "Windows Start Menu", search for "System Info".system_info.png
  9. Another way is to use the "Windows Key + Pause Break Key" located on your keyboard.system_info2.png
  10. Once you have figured which computer is the RMS Server, please continue on to "SQL SERVICE" steps down below.



Step 1

- Launch the Task Manager by "CTRL + ALT + DELETE" and then select "Task Manager"

Step 2

- Select the "Services" tab located at the top.

Step 3

- Locate "SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)"


Step 4

- Right-click "MSSQLSERVER" and select start.

Step 5

- Launch RMS!


Please reach out to our technical support team for further assistance.

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