Custom Club: Create a Custom Club Batch

Create a Custom Club Batch

Note: Before continuing, verify all the custom club settings are configured. For additional information, please visit the eWinery Set Up Custom Clubs page.

A new custom club batch is created and processed similarly to regular club batches.
A custom club batch can be broken down in four steps:

  1.  Create a Custom Club Order Template
  2.  Notify Customers about Custom Club Orders
  3.  Process Custom Club Orders
  4. Review Statistics and Reports for Custom Club Orders


Create a Custom Club Order Template

1) To start a new custom club batch, click on the Club icon the main menu. The Club Processing screen will open. Click 'Start A Club Processing Batch" from the left hand menu.



2) In the club batch window, name the club batch and select the appropriate custom club level.


Note: The club level you assign will determine the type of club (regular or custom) and wine club members that are pulled into this batch.   

Tip: The batch name should be something specific, a combination of the club level and the date of the batch.  

3) Click the 'Save' button. 

4) After you have saved, the pop up will display new tabs. The information you just entered will be on the 'General' tab.


5) Navigate to the 'Setup Info' tab, where you will set up your standard shipping and date information.

Setup Info tab


6) In the 'Club Batch Info' section, enter your 'Begin Customization Date' and 'End Customization Date'. These dates indicate when members can log in to your website and customize their custom club order.


Note:  Members are not allowed to  customize their orders more than once. If a club members wishes to change their order after they have checked out once, they must contact the winery to alter their order. For more information on editing an individual custom club order, please visit the Modify Custom Orders with OMS page.

Tip: If you intend to create multiple batches with the same wines, you can create a template instead of rebuilding every individual batch. Click the 'Use Batch as a Template' checkbox to build a template from a specific batch.


Then select the appropriate batch and click 'Copy' to duplicate the setup information and products in a new batch. It is always recommended that you verify the setup and products are correct for your new batch when utilizing templates.


7) In the 'When Will Orders Ship?' section, select whether to 'Ship Immediately' or 'Ship Later'.

Ship Immediately: Custom orders will be ready for shipment as soon as they are processed. 

Ship Later: You are able to choose when processed custom orders will ship to the customers. If you choose to ship these orders on a certain date, you can enter an Estimated Shipping Date.


Note: If you select 'Ship Later' but do not enter an Estimated Shipping Date, the member can select a shipping date at checkout on your website.

If 'Ship Immediately' is chosen, and your admin setting for order status is Completed, custom club members have the ability to choose a future ship date in the online checkout process unless Future Ship Date is not enabled in your master settings. 

Admin Setting for Order Status Shipping Option Result
Pending Club Order Ship Immediately Orders will be ready to ship as soon as you manually process the custom club order.
Pending Club Order Ship Later Orders will be ready to ship on the Estimated Shipping Date once you manually process the custom club order.
Completed Ship Immediately Orders will be processed as soon as the member has checked out with their customized club selection on your web page. The order is ready to ship as soon as the order is processed.
Completed Ship Later Orders will be processed and ready to ship on the Estimated Shipping Date.

8) In the 'Wines Info' section, you can choose minimums for your custom club batch that your customers must purchase. You can set a Minimum Order Total and a Minimum Bottle Count.

Minimum Order Total: This value reflects how much your customers are required to spend.

Minimum Bottle Count: This value reflects how many bottles your customer at minimum required have in their order.


Note:  If both parameters are set, the customer must abide by both parameters, not one or the other.

9) Add any offer codes for this batch. The system will automatically apply applicable discounts as orders are created. To learn more about offer codes and discounts, please visit the eWiney Promotions and Discounts page.


10) Add any collateral you would like to include with each club order. 

Note: If you have not set up any collateral products in eWinery, you will not see this section in club batch processing. To learn more about collateral, please visit the eWinery Collateral Products page.

11) In the '
Shipment Info' section, you must select the Wine Shipper and the default Shipping Method.

Wine Shipper:
 Reflects how the orders for this batch will be fulfilled and which fulfillment house will receive the orders.

Shipping Method: Reflects the shipping type for all members who marked "Default" in their club membership settings.


Click the 'Save' button and navigate to the 'Products' tab.

Products tab

13) In the 'Products' tab, you can select the products that are available for custom club orders. Select a product in the 'Add a product to this custom club' drop-down list and click the green addition sign.


Note: Products must be active and in stock to be added to a custom club.

14) Once the product is successfully added, a full product display will appear with the available quantity and purchase options.


Note: The available quantity displayed on this tab reflects the all the bottles you have in stock. 

15) Check the 'Is Active for this Custom Club' checkbox.


16) Check the checkbox on the next line and fill in the appropriate number if there is a required minimum purchase for the wine product in your custom club batch.

If you do not check this box at all, regardless of the number entered, then... There will be no minimum purchase required for this wine.
If you check this box and enter 2 wine(s) are required, then... Two bottles of this wine are required for this custom club order.

Note: If the checkbox is checked, you must have at least 1 wine product in the number/value field.  


The related fields below will automatically populate with the minimum order quantity required. You can decide how many item(s) of this specific product each member is allowed to purchase and specify the increments.

Default Quantity Displayed: The default quantity that is displayed on your website to notify custom club members.

17) Next, you can add this product to the standard order. By setting up a standard order, you can determine which products get sent to club members if they do not to log into your website and modify their custom club order.

Standard Order: The generic order a club member will receive if they do not customize their order on your website.

Default Quantity for Standard Order: The quantity you can choose for standard orders.


Note: Standard orders can be edited in the OMS to have quantities below the minimum requirements. 

18) Enter the product price that is available for this custom club order. It will default to the current product price listed in the admin panel, but it can be edited.

Note:  The price entered is before any promotions or discounts are applied.

19) Click the 'Save' button for this product.

20) Add any other products you want to be available for your custom club batch, clicking the 'Save' button for each product. 


 Navigate to the 'Orders' tab.

Notify Customers about their Custom Club Orders

Orders tab


22) In the 'Orders' tab, all of the members in the chosen club level are organized into sections based on their order status in this particular shipment. 

Members Excluded from this Batch

Members in this section have been excluded from the batch based on their sign up date and/or the date of their last shipment.  To make adjustments here, return to the Setup Info tab and adjust the Order Creation Settings. 

Members Without Orders

Members in this section are eligible for a custom club shipment in this batch but have not logged in to your website to create an order yet.

Unprocessed Club Orders

Members in this section have open custom club orders and have not been charged. The status column will indicate why the order has not been charged. 

Completed Orders

Members in this section have completed club orders and have been charged. Their orders are ready to ship.

Note: If there are no members in the section, it will be hidden from the batch screen.

23) In the 'Members Without Orders' section, select the check boxes for specific members (or the top check box for all the members) and click the 'Send Email to Selected Members to Create their Customized Orders' button. This notifies the customers via an automated system email when they are able to log in to your website and modify their custom club orders. 

Tip: Be sure to review your "Customize Your Club Order" ASE before sending to custom club members!


24) Once a customer has been notified they can customize their order, a check mark will appear under the Notified? column. 


25) DO NOT SELECT THE 'CREATE' BUTTON. In order for your customer to have access to modify their own orders on your website, you cannot create their orders beforehand.

Note: To learn more about your customer's workflow to create their custom club order on your website, please visit the Customize Your Club Order page. 


Process Custom Club Orders

Once the End Customization Date has passed, custom club members are no longer able to customize orders.

Note: The End Customization Date can be edited if a longer window of time is needed.

  • If custom club orders modified on your website flow into a Completed status, then those orders have already been processed and payment has been collected. The completed orders are ready to be shipped and will appear in the 'Completed Orders' section.


  • If custom club orders modified on your website flow into a Pending Custom Club Order status, then you need to manually process the orders to collect payment. These orders will appear under the 'Unprocessed Club Orders' section.


Note: If club members haven't customized their club orders on your website, please visit the Create a Standard Order and Modify Orders with OMS page to learn how an admin user can create and modify a custom club batch order with the OMS. 

The following automated actions will occur when you process a club:

  • The members' primary credit card on file (or other payment method) will be charged for the full amount of their order.
  • Orders will be checked and committed to ShipCompliant (unless you are not a ShipCompliant user).
  • The member will receive a Custom Club Order Confirmation email sent to their primary billing email address.

26) In the 'Unprocessed Club Orders' section, select the check boxes for specific members (or the top check box for all the members). Once your members have been selected, you have two options based on the size of your club batch.

Option #1: Recommended for Smaller Batches (Less than 50 orders)

Click the 'Process Selected Orders' button. This action will work through the list of selected members processing their orders one by one.


Alternatively, you can c
lick the 'Process' button next to each order to process the order individually.



Option #2: Recommended for Larger Batches

Click the 'Save Selected Orders' button.  This action will save your selections in this batch.


Minimize the batch screen, and navigate to the main club processing screen in the eWinery Dashboard. 

Select the batch(es) that have orders you want to process, choose the batch action 'Process Orders in Selected Batches' and click the 'Go' button. Orders will begin to process for the selected batch in multi-instance, making the entire process much faster.



27) When the batch is done processing, return to the 'Orders' tab of the batch. If any orders remain in the 'Unprocessed Orders' section due to payment or compliance issues, proceed to resolve these issues until all orders are in a Completed status. 

Note: To learn more about resolving payment or compliance issues, please visit the eWinery Manage Club Orders page. 


Review Statistics and Reports on Custom Club Orders

Statistics tab


From the 'Statistics' tab in your club batch window, you can review sales and product data including:

  • Number of members who have ordered from this batch
  • Average product sales per order
  • Average total order
  • Total club sales


The Product Sales Details additionally breaks down orders and sales by product.


Report Center

1) Navigate to the eWinery Dashboard and click on the Reports icon in the admin panel. Scroll over Report Center in the menu bar and select Report Builder.


2) In the Report Builder, create a new report, selecting one of these reports as a Report Base:

  • Sales Detailed Report
  • Sales Detailed - Void Orders Report
  • Sales Summary Report
  • Sales Summary - Void Orders Report
  • Will Call Report


3) Click the 'Next' button to proceed to step 2 once all the appropriate information is completed.

4) Edit any appropriate filters. T
he order status 'Pending Custom Club' has been added and can be used to filter information on your report.


5) Click the 'Next' button to proceed to step 3 once all the appropriate information is completed.

6) Click the 'Save and Run' button once you have reviewed the report settings and preview.


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