Custom Club FAQs

Q: In which admin panel can I access Custom Club?

A: Custom Club is available in the eWinery admin panel. If you are not familiar with this admin panel, please read our Knowledge articles. If you need additional help navigating to the eWinery Help Center please visit the knowledge article Log In to eWinery Help Center.


Q: How do I log into the eWinery admin panel?

A: Your vinSUITE login credentials can be used to log into the eWinery admin panel as well. Please contact support if you find your permissions are limited-- adjustments may need to be made.


Q: When will custom club be available in vinSUITE?

A: The Custom Club features will be coming to the vinSUITE admin panel in 2020.


Q: Is Custom Club available to everyone?

A: No, custom club is only available to clients with a responsive website within the eWinery admin panel. You can check if your website is responsive using this tool:


Q: What should I do if I have an unresponsive website but want to start using Custom Club?

A: Please contact your dedicated account manager by emailing for detailed information on special pricing for website upgrades.


Q: Is there a cost to use custom club?

A: No, there is no cost to use Custom Club. However, a website upgrade may be required.


Q: How do I activate Custom Club?

A: To activate Custom Club, please contact our Support Team at You will be added to a queue and set up with Custom Club -as soon as possible.


Q: How will customers access my custom club?

A: The Custom Club feature will be visible to your custom club member once they have logged in to your website and access the Custom Clubs tab. Please reference the following knowledge article for more information: Customize a Club Order in a Winery's Web Store


Q: Can I brand my custom club?

A: When your custom club is activated, please provide our Support team with the name you would prefer. The link to the wine selections will appear with the branding nomenclature you choose, such as  "YourWinery Club," or "YourWinery Select," etc.

If you choose not to brand your custom club, you can opt to display a helpful phase that directs your customer like "Customize your Club Order." 


Q: What else do I need to decide before getting started with Custom Club?

A: Please let us know if you'd prefer to have your custom club orders come into the eWinery admin panel with a “Completed Status” or as “Pending Custom Club” (for manual processing after the customer has submitted their changes). Please reference the following knowledge article for more information: Custom Club: Set Up Custom Clubs


Q: How do I learn how to run my Custom Club?

A: Please reference the following knowledge article: Custom Club: Create a Custom Club Batch


Q: How do I transfer existing club levels to custom clubs?

A: Please reference the following knowledge article: Set-up Custom Club


Q: What happens if a customer does not make any selections?

A: If the customer does not make a selection within the customization window, the admin user will need to manually create and process the order. A standard order will be created based on the default quantities you provided. Please reference the following knowledge article: Custom Club: Create a Standard Order and Modify Orders with OMS


Q: When is inventory depleted from Custom Clubs?

A: Inventory is depleted when the orders are processed.


Q: How is Custom Clubs different than the Allocation feature?

A: In Custom Clubs, inventory is not set aside or allocated, and the wish list feature is not utilized.  Custom club can also be batch processed while allocation is self-checkout. Otherwise, it’s very similar!

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