Custom Club: Set Up Custom Clubs

Set Up Custom Clubs

Note: These steps are only applicable if you contact the vinSUITE Client Services Team to enable custom clubs. If you are interested in using custom club, please contact the vinSUITE Client Services Team at Custom Club is only accessible in the eWinery admin panel and Base 3 websites.


1) First, you must decide on the name for your custom club. You can call it something specific to your winery, or simply keep labeled as "custom club." 

2) Next, decide if the custom club orders that are finished on your website should be set to Pending Custom Club Order or a Completed status in the eWinery admin panel. 

Pending Custom Club Order status: Selecting this status allows club members to complete their custom orders on your website. All custom orders will remain unprocessed until an admin user manually processes the orders.


Benefits Considerations
More Control - You have the ability to personally review or modify every custom club order before it is processed and shipped to the customer, providing a superior customer experience.  More Time- You will be involved in processing club orders, which could mean spending more time on club batches. 

Completed status: Selecting this status allows club members to complete their custom orders on your website and eWinery will automatically process these orders. Any orders with a completed status will be ready for shipping. 

Benefits Considerations
Orders Automatically Completed - Custom orders will be processed and ready to ship without any manual interaction, saving you time and tasks on your to-do list.  Less Control - You may not be able to review or modify a custom order before it is shipped to the customer, especially if orders are set to ship immediately. 

Note: This setting operates separately and will not affect your order status setting. This setting only pertains to orders created in your web store by a club member.

For more information about order statuses, please visit the eWinery Orders Glossary.

3) Please contact the vinSUITE Client Services Team at to enable custom club.

4) Once custom club is enabled, you will need to:

Alternatively, if you want to convert an existing club to a custom club, you need to:



Establish Club Level for Custom Club


 5.jpg Title  Enter the title for the custom club level.

Note: This title will only be visible internally on the eWinery admin panel. 
 5.jpg Display Name

Enter the display name for the custom club level.

Note: This display name will be visible on your website. 

6.jpg Club Type  Select the 'Custom' club type for the custom club level.
7.jpg 'Is Active' Checkbox

Check the 'Is Active' checkbox to ensure this club level is active in eWinery.

8) Click the 'Save' button.

9) Complete the appropriate Club Level tabs and save your options.

Note: Custom club levels are not significantly different from regular club levels. For more information about club levels or club level tabs, please visit the eWinery Club Levels page.  


Add Members to Custom Club Level

10) Navigate to the Members icon in the admin panel. Search for the appropriate member on the left pane of the members page and select them from the members list.


11) The Edit Member pop-up will open. Navigate to the Club Info tab and click the 'Add Club Membership' button.


12) Select your new custom club from the Select a Club drop-down menu.


13) Update any appropriate information about the member and click the 'Save' button.


Convert a Regular Club Level to Custom Club Level

Note: When you convert a regular club level to a custom club level, you MUST CLOSE ALL OLD BATCHES for the regular club level before converting to a custom club level. 

Additionally, please note that ALL members within that regular level will be converted to the custom club level.

5) Navigate to the Club icon in the admin panel. In the menu bar, select Club Levels.


6) The Club Level page will open.

7) Select the green Edit icon for any club level with a Regular Club Type.


8) The Edit Club Level pop-up window will open on the General Tab.

9) Scroll to the Club Type drop-down menu and select Custom.


10) The Club Level fields will change.


11) Alter any of your Redirect fields if desired.
12) Click the 'Save' button.

13) Change any of the remaining Club Level tabs if desired and save your options.

Note: Custom club levels are not significantly different from regular club levels. For more information about club levels or club level tabs, please visit the eWinery Club Levels page.


Personalize Custom Club Emails

14) Under the Members icon, scroll over Email Documents in the menu bar and select Automated System Emails.



15) Edit both the Customize Your Club Order and Custom Club Order Confirmation emails.

Customize Your Club Order email:  This email notifies the customer their club order is ready to be customized. You can control when this email is sent by selecting members with unprocessed orders during the club batch.

Note: You will learn more about the club batch process for custom clubs on the eWinery Create Custom Club Batch page. 

Custom Club Order Confirmation email: This email notifies the customer once their club order has been customized. This confirmation email is sent after customer logs in to your website, customizes their own order, and checks out. Confirmation emails are sent out whether or not you choose to have an order set to Pending Custom Club Order or Completed status. 

Note: Custom orders that an admin user creates will receive standard automated shipping confirmation emails.  

16) Click the 'Activate this System Email' checkbox to allow this email to be sent. 


17) Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.



Include Any Notes for Custom Club Members on your Website

18) Under the Site Editor icon, scroll over to the left navigation menu. Open 'Member Login' and click on the 'Customize Club' page.


19) Enter and format any notes for custom club members (such as purchase requirements).


Note: These notes will be displayed on the top of the 'Customize Club' page on your website. 


20) Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

You can now continue to the eWinery Create Custom Club Batch page. 

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